Product Development Specialist

Berry Plastics Mcalester, OK

Position Summary:

The Product Development Specialist (PDS) is responsible for all experimental runs, trials and development of work performed at his/her respective facility. The PDS will work closely with Manufacturing, Sales, Sales Service, Research and Development and Quality Assurance personnel to ensure that all related work meets quality standards, performs at production rates which are profitable and meets customer needs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* The PDS will be responsible for scheduling machine time, raw material procurement, coordinating and overseeing the product trial run, trial documentation and reporting of trial results to the appropriate personnel provide costing of samples and determines disposition of raw materials not used in the trial.

* Ensure that all safety policies and procedures are being followed.

* Responsible for the procurement of raw materials needed for trials.

* Responsible for coordinating machine time with the Plant Scheduler and the Production Supervisor to ensure the trials are performed in the most cost-effective manner.

* Responsible for communication with R & D, Sales, Sales Service, Quality Lab and Quality Team to ensure that all aspects of the customer requests are understood and that the Trial Extrusion Sheet and Factory Order have the necessary information to process the trial.

* Responsible for coordinating and leading the team effort (R&D, Manufacturing, Sales, Sales Service, Quality, and Shipping) in a pre-trial meeting to define the steps needed to manufacture the sample. All trial details will be established and responsibilities defined in this meeting.

* Responsible for communicating best possible ship dates to Sales Service and coordinating ship dates with the appropriate personnel.

* Responsible for overseeing the trial runs and ensuring that all aspects of the trail run are coordinated in his/her absence.

* Responsible for reviewing all trial plans and discussing/resolving any concerns with the appropriate personnel.

* Responsible for documenting the trial with all pertinent manufacturing conditions, testing results and costing analysis and ensuring that appropriate personnel are copied.

* Responsible for ensuring that all changes that are needed on trial documentation are made by communicating closely with the R&D, Sales, Sales Service, Quality Labs and the Quality Team.

* Responsible for providing technical service to the customer, aiding in the processability of the samples on the customers equipment and communicating with the customer to produce the best product to satisfy the customer's needs.

* Responsible for working closely with the R&D Engineer, Sales and the Quality Team representative in communicating information to the customer relating to the product trials.

* Responsible for proactively communicating safe working conditions to personnel involved in the product trials.

* Responsible for promoting a team effort with all departments within the organization and working with teams as needed to ensure that a quality product is manufactured.

* Responsible for supporting the product through the steps to product commercialization.

* Responsible for promoting the total quality efforts of the company.

* Responsible for additional job duties as defined by management.


* High School diploma or equivalent

* Must have good communication skills, both written and oral.

* Must have a good working knowledge of the extrusion process and related processes.

* Must seek to understand the effects of process changes on product quality.

* Must understand process and equipment capabilities.

* Must have a working knowledge of statistical analysis used in process control (control charting techniques, process capability studies, etc.)

* Must have problem solving skills relating to raw materials and processability of same.

* Must have working knowledge of test procedures and equipment used to test product quality.

* Must have the ability to write concise reports and make presentation of same to the management team.

* Must have strong leadership skills.

* Must have working knowledge of the computer systems used to document and control the quality systems.

* Must be willing to travel as needed.