Quality Assurance Manager

State of Massachusetts Maynard, MA
The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for the overallmanagement of the quality assurance program and collaborating with the ChiefScience Officer to ensure continued compliance with current accreditationstandards as well as the Crime Laboratory's internal policies and procedures. Specificduties of the incumbent may include but are not limited to the following: maintainingand updating the Quality Assurance Manual; overseeing the proficiency testprogram; assisting with corrective and preventative actions and root causeanalysis; overseeing the internal audit program; preparing the Crime Laboratoryfor assessments and audits; monitoring instrument calibration and maintenance,as applicable to quality assurance requirements; overseeing and assisting withthe document control program and training Crime Laboratory personnel regarding principlesof quality assurance management systems and accreditation requirements.


Applicants must have at least (A) six (6) years of full-time or, equivalent part-time, professional, administrative, supervisory, or managerial experience in a particular specialty (i.e. scientific, professional, or technical) and must possess current license and/or registration requirements established for the performance of the position, of which (B) at least one (2) years must have been in a project management, supervisory or managerial capacity or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and substitutions below.


I. A certificate in a relevant or related field may be substituted for one (1) year of the required (A) experience.

II. A Bachelor's degree in a related field may be substituted for two (2) years of the required (A) experience.

III. A Graduate degree or higher in a related field may be substituted for three (3) years of the required (A) experience.

IV. A Doctorate degree in a related field may be substituted for four (4) years of the required (A) experience.

All qualified applicants must have experience in an ASCLD/LAB- International program,ANAB or equivalent accredited laboratory; forensic disciplines. Successfullycompleted a Forensic Testing and/or Calibration Assessor course throughASCLD/LAB, ANAB or equivalent. If you do not have this experience, do not apply, you will not be considered.

An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.