Business Ethics And Compliance Support

Business Ethics and Compliance

Position Description:

* The Business, Ethics, and Compliance Support role will support in the design, development, implementation, and promoting awareness of the organization's business ethics policies. Support monitoring the organization's standards of conduct and ethical relationships with customers, suppliers, associates, and communities in which business is conducted. Investigate allegations of unethical activity, and support in developing strategies to eliminate future breaches of the organizations ethic's policies. Support HAM confidentiality, electronic records management, and risk management activities. Represent the company and department as an associate of high integrity.

Essential Function and Responsibilities:


* Intake and investigate issues reported to C&E

* Communicate C&E expectations to associate population (all levels)

* Monitor and maintain C&E records of activities and training completion

* Support informing Compliance Officer abreast of C&E requirements (as needed)

* Provide proactive ethics guidance to associates and represent the department as someone of high integrity

* Develop and deliver effective C&E communication and training (ie,. Classroom and computer based training)

* Prepare and deliver detailed reports related to matter management, presentation, budget, and projects

* Complete tasks related to C&E business plan objectives accurately and according to detailed schedules and budget

* Department budget controller

* Support other activities as requested


* Support as needed in creating and maintaining HAM Risk Management Template

* Support in the PDCA process for top risks

* Support and eventually lead the records management project

* Support confidentiality committee

Daily Tasks:

* Appropriately manage and complete investigations

* Complete GRCE (Governance/Risk/Compliance/Ethics) objectives

* Work with cross functional team to impact policy, decisions, strategy to achieve business plan goals

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

* Flexibility to change direction with little or no notice

* Leadership skills and development of strategic planning skills

* Excellent written and oral communication

* Demonstrated application of judgement, analysis, and problem solving

* Demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple projects and tasks in a fast paced environment

* Ability to work closely with all levels within and outside the organization

* Ability to establish relationships with leaders, peers, and others to achieve results

* Strong understanding of Honda's operations

* Ability to apply application of PDCA and communication tools

* Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality

* Experience with MS Office Products

Required Experience:

* Minimum 3 months or co-op experience

Education Requirements:

* Bachelor's degree in a business or related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience