Ultrasound technologist
Sanford Federal
 Martinsburg, WV

Sanford Federal, Inc. (SANFORD) headquartered in Stafford, VA., is a premier, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that provides federal professional services, primarily engaged in providing advanced information technology, cyber security, management systems support, as well as business and infrastructure management services.

We are among the most innovative, respected and ethical providers of technology solutions to the United States government. Our mission is to provide superior-quality, innovative, information technology solutions that help federal agencies best aid, serve and protect the American people


  • Education: Associate degree, Graduation from an applicable program.
  • Certifications: ARDMS, RVT
  • BLS certification
  • Experience: Minimum twelve months experience
  • References: Minimum of 2 professional references


  • Coordinates a variety of technical procedures that require independent judgement, ingenuity, and initiative in the application of non-ionizing high frequency waves to humans for diagnosis of disease in the clinic or on the inpatient unit.
  • Controls technical factors on ultrasound unity, which will affect time, scattering, refraction and diffraction
  • Selects between non-focused, fixed-focus, linear phased array and annual phased array.
  • Sets up and adjusts all equipment and manually maneuvers to the transducer to perform the exam. Performance of the examination requires proper alignment and position of the patient.
  • Receives and identifies patients, explains methods of procedures, assist movement of patients to and from wheelchairs, carts and tables, positions the patient and performs examinations requested.
  • Schedules and prepares patient for exams and explains procedures to patient while performing the studies
  • Obtains pertinent diagnostic examinations for the physician, which may be necessary for correlation between the ultrasound scan and the clinical history.
  • Performs diagnostic ultrasound examinati0on on multiple areas of body, including, but not limited to, the abdomen, pelvis, transvaginal, chest, small parts, thyroid, breast, and scrotum.
  • Routinely performs vascular studies carotid duplex, ABI, arterial duplex, venous duplex, renal artery duplex and visceral vascular exams of the abdomen. Regularly performs preoperative upper and lower extremity vein mappings, as well as chronic venous insufficiency studies.
  • Assist radiologist with biopsy procedures determining the location, depth, and required needle angle for the lesion to be sampled.

Why Sanford Federal?

You can take pride in working for a company dedicated to serving our government by providing the best, most cost-effective solutions for the US Government. Our work helps the US Government secure our nation, support the efforts of our military and intelligence communities, and provide lifesaving medical services to our soldiers, vets, and their families.

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