Truck Crew

West Marine, Inc. Marina Del Rey, CA
General Statement of Job

Under general supervision, performs physical labor to place retail stock and supplies in their proper place. Duties include: unloading truck, checking merchandise to purchase order/invoice and stocking merchandise. They will perform other duties as assigned. This position reports to the Store/General Manager.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions

* Unload store merchandise from truck.

* Check in merchandise from truck or other means per West Marine policy.

* Ensure that merchandise shipments have been received and displayed within twenty-four hours of receival.

* Label or apply merchandise sales tags if necessary to merchandise.

* Restock shelves that require re-stocking.

* Ensure the Store is neat, clean and organized throughout each business day.

* Work with fellow associates to maintain that Asset Protection standards are met all the time.

* Work with associates to achieve Store's sales plan.

* Actively participate in all programs and procedures that drive sales.

* Treat associates and customers better than they expect.

* Assist with customer service responsibilities when necessary.

Additional Job Functions

* Answer the telephone within three rings.

* Strive to create a great customer service environment.

* Performs related duties as required.

Minimum Training and Experience

Communication skills and knowledge of Math and English required. Must be able to read and understand directions for proper storage of merchandise. Must be able work a standard workday as set by West Marine and be able to lift up to 40 pounds to shoulder height unassisted. Must have a flexible schedule and be able to work evenings, weekends and holidays.

Expectations of Employment

Associate Relations Communication

Job Knowledge Decision Making Initiative

Planning/Organization Action Orientation

Dependability Teamwork

Ethics Safety

DISCLAIMER: This job description is not an employment agreement or contract. Management has the exclusive right to alter this job description at any time without notice.


This is a statement of the personal traits and behaviors required of all Associates. Associates who are significantly deficient in any of these areas will be ineligible to receive any base salary increases until such deficiencies have been corrected to the satisfaction of the Associate's manager.

* Knowledge of Job – has thorough knowledge of the procedures and policies of West Marine as they pertain to the operation of store as a sales associate.

* Acceptance of responsibility - accepts new and varied work assignments and assumes responsibility for completion; adjusts to changes in priorities, circumstances, and work direction.

* Attendance and punctuality - appears at work and/or begins work on time on all scheduled workdays; takes breaks in timely fashion; schedules necessary time off in advance.

* Attention to detail - demonstrates conscientious concern for thorough and complete work consistent with written procedures and managers' instructions.

* Communication - understands written and verbal communications; speaks and writes clearly as required by with job duties; asks questions to clarify situations and/or gain assistance.

* Dependability - complies fully with written and verbal instructions; willingly performs assigned tasks.

* Ethics - respects the values, diversity, rights, time, privacy and property of other Associates, customers, vendors and of the company itself; avoids any unlawful and/or discriminatory and/or harassing behavior and/or the appearance of same; conducts work in an honest and decorous manner.

* Initiative - demonstrates resourcefulness; initiates effective work habits; thinks independently and seeks out additional challenges and opportunities.

* Relationships with others – Shares knowledge with managers, supervisors, co-workers for mutual benefit. Shares product knowledge with co-workers and customers. Develops and maintains cooperative and courteous relationships with co-workers and customers. Tactfully and effectively handles requests, special orders, returns, suggestions and complaints in order to establish and maintain good will.

* Job management - plans and organizes work for optimal results; seeks alternative approaches to improve work methods; responds well to time, quantity and quality pressures.

* Safety - keeps work area safe and clean; actively prevents accidents and engages in work practices that are demonstrably within safety guidelines.

* Teamwork - demonstrates cooperative spirit, respects the rights and abilities of others; listens to others and is successful at sharing of responsibilities and authorities.