Temporary Patient Service Coordinator, Pediatrics
Catholic Medical Center
 Manchester, NH

Position Description

Under the general supervision of the Practice Director, is responsible for representing the office in a professional, friendly, receptive, and respectful manner, while facilitating the patient's care through all business office functions.

This is a full-time temporary position at Wolfeboro Pediatrics.

Office Functions

1 Able to answer basic billing inquiries and directs patients to the appropriate staff to address problems or establish payment plans

2 Maintains office machinery, placing service calls as needed

3 Maintains a clean/safe office environment particularly the patient common area

4 Keeps the office neat, clean, organized, and free from clutter

5 Shuts down the office equipment and lock and secures administrative areas at the end of the day

6 Ensures access to medical records is restricted only to those employees with authorized access

7 Assists the billing department with research and problem solving. Performs data entry of charges, payments, and adjustments as needed

8 Types/prepares correspondences as requeste.

9 Answers telephone promptly and politely, identifying both the office and the person speaking

10 Takes accurate and concise messages and directs calls to the appropriate staff as necessary while making the caller feel welcomed

11 Manages all outgoing and incoming mail

12 Has a working knowledge of the office flow; Provider and staff schedules

Patient Access Functions

1 Assesses patients' needs when appointments are requested, understanding the nature and length of the various appointment types to schedule patients effectively and efficiently. Works in conjunction with the PATH team on this function understanding that patient accessibility to care is a priority

2 Confirms appointments with patients in a timely manner, when necessary, in collaboration with PATH who performs this function for specific offices

3 Accurately utilizes computerized appointment scheduling software

4 Acknowledges appointments daily to ensure accurate recording of the patient visit

5 Greets and registers/confirms pre-check for arriving patients promptly and in a professional, friendly manner, assisting them with completion of forms as needed

6 Verifies/updates patient information including demographics and health insurance at each visit and changes pertinent information in the computer. Understands implications of incorrectly inputted demographic and billing information

7 Reviews the insurance denial spreadsheet daily making corrections as necessary for proper billing

  • Accurately utilizes the Electronic Records per the Best Practice Workflows:
  • Utilizes the system to accurately search/create a patient vs. a person, preventing duplication of patient accounts; and
  • Completes daily work list (orders tracking, tasking, document import) providing timely care and response to the patients
  • Compliance in all regulatory item collection

9 Ensures all patients and visitors are accounted for in the case of an emergency

10 Ensures all inbound faxes and correspondence are distributed or filed in the EMR in a timely manner

11 Processes medical record requests for continuity of care purposes in a timely manner. Forwards all other medical records requests to the Health Information Management department for processing

12 Maintains forms such as release of information, workman's compensation, return to work for easy access. Assist the patient to complete these as needed

13 Assists with process referrals, pre-certifications or pre-approvals as needed

14 Utilizes the current Electronic Medical Record to complete the documented Best Practice Workflows accurately

  • Education: High school diploma. Advanced computer skills preferred
  • Experience: Two years in the medical office is preferred. Knowledge of medical terminology and excellent interpersonal communication and computer skills. Must be detail-oriented and have the ability to multitask and shift functions within the office