Warehouse Lead

Jaeckle Distributors Madison, WI

The Warehouse Quartz Lead will be responsible for several functions within the shipping, receiving and loading portion of the Quartz products. This position will provide leadership responsibilities insuring safety, quality and accountability for all employees involved with Quartz. In addition this employee will support the picking, receiving, loading of the Quartz products. The Warehouse Quartz Lead will also support other operational needs within the Quartz area of the warehouse insuring all current SOP processes and safety applications are being followed ranging from employee training to inspections of all equipment and area organization.

Reports To

Madison Day Shift Warehouse Manager


6:00 AM 3:00 PM (30 minute lunch)

Hours subject to change depending on operational needs


* Provide building opening procedures for first shift operations daily.

* Function as the team Lead working directly with other employees with a minimum of two (2) employees at all times when handling Quartz sheets in any manner.

* Unload all deliveries made to warehouse at dock door 12 and door 13 of Quartz products by following current Jaeckle Quartz SOP & Safety Guidelines Document.

* Verify packing lists and inspect products for damage upon receipt.

* Identify grades of Quartz and note imperfections if necessary on "B" grade products.

* Forward all delivery documents to Production Coordinator for processing once Warehouse Quartz Lead has signed and identified unload times on the delivery receipt.

* Stage sheets in designated area by item number, location and grade in a safe and organized manner.

* Support picking needs based on orders printing from printer number 8 in the shipping area. Orders should be picked and staged appropriately same day orders are generated.

* Orders are to be staged or loaded for customers by following current Jaeckle Quartz SOP & Safety Guidelines; all order will be processed in a timely manner to meet delivery needs according to these guidelines. .

* Product rotation, area organization and employee access to the Quartz area will be monitored and maintained by Warehouse Quartz Lead.

* Ability to work with computer system to verify items, locations and other information necessary to the receiving, picking and shipping process.

* Provide daily productivity documentation of loading/unloading, picking, and all duties performed on a daily basis.

* Communicate professionally and appropriately with all personnel throughout the operation. This includes all drivers and customers involved with daily operations in the warehouse.

* Display daily leadership skills within Quartz area meeting and supporting current Jaeckle Quartz SOP & Safety Guidelines.

* Assist with picking duties for zone 8, and double checking of orders when time permits.

* Assist with loading and unloading processes for all deliveries and schedule pickups.

* Assist with processing and labeling of LTL shipments daily.

* Any other duties assigned by manager or supervisor.


High school diploma or general education degree (GED); and two years related experience and/or training.


* Ability to lift 25-60 pounds of material unassisted frequently and use team-lift practices when necessary.

* Ability to become lift truck certified on all equipment used in current operation at Jaeckle.

* Ability to train others to assist in the Quartz area with all loading/unloading processes meeting current Jaeckle Quartz SOP & Safety Guidelines.

* Basic computer skills including Microsoft Outlook.

* Excellent attention to detail and accuracy skills with the ability to prioritize daily workload insuring work is completed before leaving for the day.

* Safety conscious at all times understanding the need for completing daily work without compromising employee safety even if it requires overtime.

* Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions and decimals.

* Possess good attendance and dependability.

* Ability to learn and support other duties throughout the operation.

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