Studentprint Advisor

University of Wisconsin Madison Madison, WI
The StudentPrint associate student services coordinator (advisor):

* Serves as advisor to student team members who oversee the daily operations of the shop.

* Is responsible for facilitating and fostering a work environment focused on the core values of teamwork, diversity, learning and technology.

* Serves as a liaison between StudentPrint, the Associated Students of Madison staff, and the greater campus and Madison community.

* The StudentPrint Advisor facilitates skills necessary to manage a small business.

* Oversight is provided by the StudentPrint Board, a board of directors composed of student employees, alumni, and member(s) of ASM, UW-Madison's student government.

* The StudentPrint Advisor sits on the board in a non-voting ex-officio capacity.

* The ASM Staff and Program Director supervises the StudentPrint Advisor.

Additional Information:

StudentPrint is a student run, self-sustaining print shop which functions as a non-profit small business. Students are ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of the business, which offers a full range of printing services including course reader and graphic design services. StudentPrint also provides ASM student bus pass distribution services.

The mission of the Division of Student Life is to cultivate, advance, and interconnect the academic, professional, personal, and social development of students and to champion a respectful, globally aware and diverse university community.

We actively advance social justice through our work and purposefully strive to offer an affirming environment for all. We are committed to creating working, learning, and living environments in which everyone has the opportunity to develop their potential and contribute fully to the university community.

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