Pricing Analyst

Jaeckle Distributors Madison, WI

Jaeckle Distributors is an industry leader in flooring and surfacing distribution. For 60 years, we've been driven to support our customers' most important needs: providing great products, at a competitive price, on time with high quality service.

We are a third generation family owned company working under Core Values to Do The Right Thing, Innovate to Add Value, Take Ownership, Do the Little Things that Make a Difference and Have Fun and be part of a Supportive Environment. Our company is made up of smart, highly-capable, collaborative teams of people that work daily to support each other and our customers.

We are looking for a talented, agile, and highly motivated individual to join our Pricing Team in the role of Pricing Analyst. The successful candidate will be asked to partner with cross-functional teams including: Product Management, Sales, and IT to continuously evolve our pricing framework to drive our pricing strategy and optimize results. An ideal candidate will have a solid combination of interpersonal skills, ability to influence, business acumen, technical skills, and an analytical mindset. Additionally duties consist of adding and maintaining product data within our ERP system. The position will be located at our corporate office in Madison, WI and will report directly to the Vice President of Pricing.

Key Responsibilities

* Hands on: data creation and modification

* Audit/Review/Prompt for action: Low margin review or other dashboard or ERP monitoring that should be an alert to explore further

* Respond to inquiries from internal sources: Sales/Sales Management/Customer Service/Product Managers questions on item setup, price exceptions, margins, costs, etc.

* Problem Solving: Responding to abnormal or unexpected outcomes with further investigation to identify a problem and take action to solve it. (problem solving could result in more review of any of the bullets above)

* Higher level analysis: Pursuing a better way to move forward, proactively fixing potential problems

Necessary Skills and Attributes

* Top notch analytical skills

* Spreadsheet skills

* Dashboard skills (including aptitude to use the Spotfire author client)

* Communication

* Knowing how to learn asking questions and taking good notes

* Confirming requests from others to confirm understanding of needs

* Strong Follow up

* Logic and problem solving

* Relate similar problems to applicable solutions (even though not exactly the same problem)

* Organized notes and able to refer to past situations to move forward with new situations

* Data "peripheral vision" a sense of what "feels" right or wrong, knowing what data relates to what other data and how.

* The ability to understand compound cause and effect...i.e. things that happened not as a direct result of what just happened but deeper and more indirectly than that.

Minimum Qualifications

* Bachelor's Degree in Business, Finance or Economics.

* Minimum of 5 years in Pricing/Finance experience

* Advanced Excel skills are required

* Proficiency in reporting systems