Line Cook (Full-Time) at the Hilton Madison

Marcus Corporation Madison, WI
Marcus Hotels & Resorts and Hilton Madison Monona Terrace are in search of an experienced Cook to join our morning kitchen team!

Click HERE or TEXT "JOBS" to (608) 467-4516 to speak with someone regarding a Line Cook position at Hilton Madison!


* Prepare and cook food quickly and correctly following all required recipes and complete in a timely fashion.

* Plan all daily soups and stocks on menu and banquet menu.

* Correctly store food, use proper rotation and dating and labeling.

* Maintain sanitary standards, before, during, and after service.

* Determine inventory of food items and requisition from storeroom.

* Set up equipment needed for preparation prior to service.

* Maintain high quality level of food production and presentation as well as ensure that plates consistently appear crisp and clean.

* Maintain cleanliness, sanitation and personal hygiene.

* Lead the AM crew in cleaning schedule.

* Take responsibility for station's set up, breakdown, and all necessary advance prep.

* Put all food away that has been requisitioned from storeroom.

* Prepare all food items according to recipe specifications.

* Grill vegetables and other items from grill area.

* Cut all seafood on the menu into right portion per menu spec.

* Follow proportions and procedures in stocks and sauces cold and hot (demi glaze, hollandaise, butter sauces, relish, and salsa)

* Place food in window within specified call time. Notify runner if you are running late on cooking time.

* Keep all meat and fish inventory and organized with date and time of cutting.

* Use all meat trimming for stock or daily special.

* Cut all stakes to .5 oz of meat portion ie. 12oz to 16oz.

* Make sure coolers are cleaned, organized and locked after work when finished.

* Notify Chef or Sous Chef of old meat before going bad.

* Maintain communication between the other cooks, wait staff and management.

* Prepare food for employee cafeteria if needed.

* Help AM line cook if needed during breakfast rush and open line if needed per schedule.

* Prepare banquet food if needed per schedule.

* All other duties as assigned.


* Friendly and polite team member.

* Follow instructions of chef.

* Able to read orders from point of sale system.

* Professional schooling from culinary school or 3 years similar experience.

* Knowledge of kitchen equipment and food items.

* Knowledge of cooking techniques for using the charbroiled temperatures of all steaks, from rare to well done.

* Knowledge of cooking techniques for prime rib (roasting)

* Meat cutting skills for all USDA meats: prime, wet aged, dry aged, choice, as well as pork, veal, lamb and wild game.

* Ability to cut close trim filets, boneless beef sirloin strip, boneless ribeye, French lamb chops, French veil chops and to trip prime rib after cooking all from the Hilton's custom portioning program.

* Working knowledge of sauté, grill, fry, and poultry station.

* Ability to create specials from items not being used.

* Understand the importance of assisting in the control of food waste.

* Garnishing knowledge and experience.

* Knowledge of English Language.

* Leadership abilities.

* Ability to work long hours.

* Ability to work under pressure.

* Ability to work various shifts and days of the week.

Click HERE or TEXT "JOBS" to (608) 467-4516 to speak with someone regarding a Line Cook position at Hilton Madison!