Dental Assistant On Call (8410-200)

American Dental Partners, Inc. Madison, WI
A Dental Assistant supports and assists providers with patient care. It is essential to be able to lead, be flexible, friendly, have a "can do" personality and work in a timely fashion. In addition, a Dental Assistant must display open communication to co-workers and a commitment to patient satisfaction.

Essential Responsibilities:

* Understand and demonstrate proper sterilization, biohazard and infection control procedures in compliance with protocol.

* Demonstrate complete knowledge of dental terminology.

* Perform all chairside procedures efficiently.

* Demonstrate knowledge of dental instruments and proper tray setups.

* Properly take, develop and mount all radiographs.

* Efficiently direct patient flow through teamwork and communication.

* Perform all necessary lab procedures.

* Responsible for stocking treatment areas/carts and dental related facility inventory.

* Demonstrate knowledge of dental treatment equipment maintenance procedures.

* Patient/staff rapport -- make positive contribution to office/organization.

* Ability to identify and explain chart sticker numbers as they relate to financial arrangements and specialty referral.

* Perform basic computer function.

* Demonstrate cost effective techniques when utilizing supplies and equipment.

* Assist office in achieving defined goals.

* Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills

* One year certified dental assistant program; or

* Six months on-the-job experience; or

* High school diploma and demonstrated ability to assume dental assistant responsibilities.

* Current dental assistant license is required in certain states.

* Demonstrate a working knowledge of dental records and documentation.

* Ability to perform basic computer functions.

* Comply with protocols and standards.

* Exercise knowledge of dental instruments and terminology.

* Support corporate vision and strategy.