Environmental Engineer (443-291)

Verso Corporation Luke, MD
This position is responsible for assisting with the Luke Mill's water, wastewater, groundwater, storm water, air quality, and solid & hazardous waste programs to ensure the facility is in compliance with all local, state and federal environmental laws, regulations, permit requirements and corporate policies. Other responsibilities include working with mill operations on activities to improve mill environmental performance and reduce costs.

Required Skills

* Manage recordkeeping and reporting activities required to comply with all environmental requirements and corporate policies while meeting all reporting deadlines.

* Maintain data and calculations to understand mill emissions, to complete regulatory submittals and support strategic decisions and evaluations of emerging regulations.

* Coordinate testing activities to perform compliance tests and engineering studies, as required.

* Oversee programs to ensure proper QA/QC protocols are observed and reporting complies with state and federal requirements.

* Work with mill Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering Departments to review projects for potential environmental impacts.

* Interact with contractors and consultants, when needed, for sampling, testing and other complex activities.

* Interact with regulatory agencies regarding routine report submittal and follow-up.

* Provide mill technical support for environmental performance, regulatory compliance, process troubleshooting, and continuous improvement.

* Enforce adherence to safe work practices, good housekeeping, provide follow-up and correction of unsafe acts and conditions, and actively participate in departmental safety programs and meetings.

Required Experience

* Experience in environmental compliance preferably in paper or printing industry

* Candidate must have "air" expertise

* Bachelors Degree in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, paper science & engineering or related field

Job LocationLuke, Maryland, United StatesPosition TypeFull-Time/Regular


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