7th Grade Middle School ELA Teacher

Lowell Community Charter Public School Lowell, MA


* We seek teachers who are collaborative with colleagues, empathetic in their relationships with students and families, and willing to work above and beyond their job description in order to ensure success for students.

* Plan, prepare and deliver a quality instructional program based upon state standards, curriculum, and effective instruction to students with diverse learning needs.


* Believes that smart is something everyone can get.

* Teaches content and skills in English language, composition and reading to students utilizing curriculum designated by the LCCPS.

* Participate in ELA meetings and work collaboratively on projects.

* Teach students of the full range of ability with a specific focus on English Language Arts.

* Contribute to the development of the ELA curriculum, instructional materials, assessment tools, and lesson plans according to the needs of students of differing ages, levels, and abilities ranging from beginning English-language learning to advanced proficiency in English.

* Plan and provide clear and intentional focused instruction using state standards, subject matter content, curriculum and student needs.

* Supports all students including students who are linguistically diverse and who have an IEP or 504 plan

* Collaborates with other faculty in delivery of appropriate instructional approaches, working to serve the various learning styles and needs of all students.

* Models and fosters independent thinking skills, creative problem solving, and abstract reasoning

* Seeks to build strong relationships with all students

* Recognize individual student learning needs and develop strategies to address those needs for the purpose of promoting individual achievement.

* Implement effective teaching practices for the purpose of facilitating achievement for each student. Uses multiple student data sources for the purpose of assessing student progress, modifying instruction, and improving student learning.

* Communicate, collaborate and build positive relationships with parents and staff for the purpose of fostering student success and achievement.

* Foster and manage a safe, positive learning environment for the purpose of promoting effective student behavior and success.

* Participate in meetings for the purpose of implementing school initiatives and addressing student needs.

* Implement and comply with School policies and the Code of Professional Conduct.


* Valid MA State certification with appropriate endorsement(s)

* Successful and recent experience as a middle school teacher in the posted subject area preferred.

* Second language or language acquisition background preferred

* Student cultural and economic diversity experience, preferred

The Lowell Community Charter Public School is committed to creating an environment of inclusion cross-geography and across traditional lines of differences, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or age.