Acadia-Healthcare Louisville, TN

Village Behavioral Health is a leading provider of residential treatment to adolescents struggling with a mental health and/or substance abuse history. We provide a therapeutic setting that empowers youth to develop hope and direction in a supportive, caring, and compassionate environment. Village Behavioral Health is currently recruiting for a certified teacher with experience in the following:

  • Identify the educational needs of person(s) receiving services, develop formal educational plan or program to meet those needs.
  • Create lesson plans to teach a subject(s) and teach person(s) receiving services how to study or communicate with others.
  • Observe person(s) receiving services to evaluate their educational abilities, strengths and weaknesses, working with them to improve their abilities and work on their weaknesses.
  • Teach and mentor person(s) receiving services as a class, in small groups or one-on-one.
  • Communicate with family members, counselors, administrators and other teachers on progress.
  • Work with person(s) receiving services individually to help overcome specific learning challenges, prepare person(s) receiving services for standardized tests, as required by state.
  • Document educational plans, goals and progress, as required by the facility and the state where the facility is located.
  • Supervise classroom and maintain a positive environment for learning.
  • Develop and enforce classroom rules and administrative policies.
  • Supervise students outside of the classroom setting, such as at lunch time or during detention.
  • Adhere to treatment plans and participate in treatment team meetings as requested.

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in education or related field which is eligible for teacher certification or license within the state where the facility is located. Prefer one year experience working with population of the facility. Must be knowledgeable of the developmental stages and behaviors for age group of person(s) receiving services. Current certification or license to teach required.


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