Greater Louisville Project Research VISTA

Americorps Louisville, KY
21st-century cities leverage data to improve quality of life for their residents. The GLP is making that possible in Louisville by releasing annual Competitive City Reports which catalyze change and mobilize key players from across sectors to focus on Louisville's areas of highest potential impact. The Greater Louisville Project benchmarks Louisville's performance against its peer cities, keeping us focused on a shared agenda for long-term progress. These "peers" are cities that share common indicators, embody similar socio-economic characteristics, and provide data points that make comparison of the factors influencing the Deep Drivers of Change possible. How we perform against peers in addressing strategic challenges allows community leaders to set actionable goals that drive improvement, position our city for long-term progress, and help us all build a greater Louisville.

Terms :

Car recommended , Permits attendance at school during off hours , Permits working at another job during off hours . Service Areas :

Education , Community and Economic Development , Community Outreach . Skills :

Community Organization , Communications , Leadership , Education , Small-Group Facilitation , Team Work , Public Speaking , Teaching/Tutoring , Non-Profit Management , Recruitment.