Automotive Lot Attendant

Neil Huffman Auto Group Louisville, KY
Neil Huffman Automotive Group has an immediate opening for a full-time lot attendant at our Subaru, Volkswagen, and Mazda Dealership.

Job Duties:

* Moves and works with vehicles to maintain vehicle display and support vehicle sales activities.

* Greet and assist customers dropping off vehicles for repairs.

* Delivers vehicles to sites and locations as required.

* Thoroughly clean (wash, vacuum and polish) and maintain all vehicles.

* Install disposable covers and floor mats in vehicle interiors being serviced.

* Monitor tire pressure of vehicles; add air and fuel as needed.

* Recognize general vehicle repairs and/or building maintenance and notify management.

* Prepare sold vehicles for delivery.

* Prioritize vehicles that need to be prepped for delivery or washed based on general appearance.

* Maintain internal and external appearance and cleanliness of the store, showroom and lot.

* Assist the shuttle driver as needed.

* Perform other duties as assigned.

Equal Opportuntiy Employer

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