Aftercare Associate Substitute

Christian Academy School System Louisville, KY

Christian Academy School System seeks to hire Aftercare Associate Substitutes for our Rock Creek Campus, who reflects a clear Christian testimony. We seek someone to work approximately 3 pm - 6:00 pm, Monday-Friday. This person is responsible to supervise students in the after school setting.

Position: Aftercare Associate Substitute

Rock Creek Campus

Monday – Friday

3 pm – 6 pm

(Note: Concessions can be made for a 3:05 start time if a high school student is interested in applying.)

Job Description


The Aftercare Associate Substitute will provide the Elementary children with enriching experiences after school in a safe, structured and relaxed environment. Activities and programming will consistently align with Christian Academy School System's mission statement. The mission of Christian Academy School System is to develop students with a heart for God who grow as Jesus did in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and men.


The candidate shall possess characteristics that reflect:

* A strong clear Christian testimony with a mature and godly spirit

* A daily example of the highest Christian virtue both in and out of school

* Commitment to faithful attendance and support of a church whose beliefs are in agreement with the Statement of Faith

The ideal candidate shall:

* Be at least 16 years of age

Accountabilities / Responsibilities

* Develop and implement lesson plans for each afternoon

* Supervise students K-8 in the afterschool setting

* Set up snacks and activities such as homework, games, art and puzzles

* Maintain record of daily check-in and check-out times of students


* Assure students are supervised until pick up time

* Christ-like relationships with students, colleagues, peers and parents

Reporting Relationship

The Aftercare Associate Substitute is responsible to the Aftercare Supervisor on the Rock Creek Campus.