Staff Technical Producer
Cryptic Studios
 Los Gatos, CA
Producers at Cryptic Studios work closely with designers, artists and programmers to organize and coordinate the game development process. A Producer’s number one priority within the development structure is to make sure everyone else can get their job done. This means a no nonsense approach to problem solving with daily communication with and working to support all the members of the team in task management and scheduling challenges.

**What you need to work here:**

* Effective communications skills, both written and verbal.
* Functional understanding of project management and scheduling concepts.
* The ability to organize and track diverse projects and tasks effectively.
* The ability to learn technology, discuss it, talk about changing it, but not fearing it.
* Strong teamwork skills... since it takes a team to make large projects come together.
* Have a great attitude and likeable personality. 

**Things we'd love to see:**

* Experience working with customers from within a Service organization.
* Fanatic level enthusiasm of some entertainment industry field (role playing games, comics, movies, television, etc.).
* PMI certification.
* 4-year degree required (or equivalent experience in relevant field).