Senior Product Designer, Experimentation Platform

Netflix, Inc. Los Gatos, CA
Ever wonder how Netflix serves a great streaming experience with high-quality video and minimal playback interruptions? Or how we are confident that major UI redesigns across thousands of devices are well received?

It's because new ideas are constantly being explored across all aspects of the Netflix product, including our UI experience, recommendation/search algorithms, sign-up flows, messaging, adaptive streaming algorithms, etc. To ensure that these ideas deliver experiences our subscribers love, we diligently test and measure the impact of all these proposed enhancements using Netflix's Experimentation Platform.

Experimentation is core to Netflix's culture, and as such, the platform is used by a variety of internal users here at Netflix. We build a self-service platform at the crossroads of different teams, roles, and experimentation needs across Netflix. In addition to delivering simple, understandable, and usable user interfaces, we are also responsible for guiding our users on how best to utilize the features of the experimentation platform and interpret the results of their tests.

Since almost every product decision at Netflix depends on test analysis, your efforts on this team will impact improvements throughout our product and, by extension, the experience of the millions of our users across the globe.