Infrastructure Software Engineer (Mid and Senior Level)
Cryptic Studios
 Los Gatos, CA
Cryptic Studios is currently seeking an Infrastructure Software Engineer.

**Every day you could be:**

* Working with operations staff to design new features or changes that will improve the reliability and efficiency of operating Cryptic's games, and then implemented these changes.
* Analyzing performance of a system that has reached its load capacity.  Refactor or re-implement the system to scale to higher load.
* Assisting game team programmers with diagnosing and debugging complex problems involving the interaction of multiple software systems.
* Gathering and analyzing data to answer complex questions posed by the business.
* Improving the tools and workflow that the game teams use for creating and managing micro-transaction products.
* Designing and implementing new systems to address emerging business needs.

**Systems you might work on:**

* Management tools for Cryptic's server cloud.
* Micro-transaction system.
* Core components of Cryptic's game servers.
* Cryptic's custom built NoSQL object database.
* Integration with platform backends such as Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam.
* Platform-specific authentication
* Product purchase (micro-transaction currency, packs, consumables).
* Client crash telemetry.
* Platform social systems (friends/ignore list, sessions, groups).
* Integration with partners.
* Patching.
* Game Asset management system.
* Anti-spam.
* Fraud prevention.
* Log aggregation, reporting, analytics.

**What we need to see:**

* The ability to communicate clearly and concisely.
* Extremely proficient in C programming and debugging.
* Ability to work with engineers and project managers from other organizations.
* Ability to code and debug asynchronous systems such as multi-threaded or multi-process systems.
* 4 year degree or equivalent industry experience.

**What we would like to see:**

* Familiarity with networking, including sockets, ports, firewalls, packet capture, etc.
* Familiarity with modern web services mechanics such as REST, JSON-RPC, etc.
* A love for video games!