Graphics Software Engineer (Mid and Senior Level)
Cryptic Studios
 Los Gatos, CA
Cryptic Studios is currently seeking a Graphics Software Engineer. This position works closely with other software engineers to maintain our custom graphics engine and tool chain, and to upgrade it to meet the ever-changing state-of-the-art. We're always pushing the envelope, and you'll relish the challenge!

**Every day you could be working on:**

* Global illumination.
* Physically based lighting models.
* Physically based substance compositing.
* Volumetric rendering techniques.
* Multi-threaded rendering.
* Modern anti-aliasing techniques.

**What we need to see:**

* Thorough grasp of C and C++.
* Experience with constructing and debugging multi-threaded systems.
* Strong communication skills to work cohesively with both engineers and artists.
* Self-drive to learn and implement new rendering techniques.
* Architecturally-minded approach with respect to designing scalable systems and managing technical debt.
* Experience writing and debugging shader code.
* Ability to digest and maneuver through a large and complicated code base.

**What we'd like to see:**

* Console development experience.
* Conceptual fluency with physically based rendering techniques.
* Mathematical Analysis skills.
* Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field (or equivalent experience).
* 2 years of experience.