General Software Engineer
Cryptic Studios
 Los Gatos, CA
We are currently looking for Software Engineers to fill positions at the company in different areas of expertise (for example: graphics, infrastructure, game and console programming).

MMO development is challenging and rewarding because of the range of skills required to deliver a quality experience to the players.  While game play is certainly a big piece of what we do, a talented programmer need not have game industry experience to find a home at Cryptic.  

**Every day you could be:**

* Collaborating with other talented programmers, artists, and design teams.
* Developing the engine that drives our games, including AI, graphics, physics, animation, and audio.
* Putting the “massive” in MMO by working on databases, networking, transactions, chat, and other systems that scale to handle tens of thousands of users.
* Fashioning user interfaces, tuning controls, and designing unique game play systems that give each game its own feel.
* Creating the development tools to handle the ever-changing demands of producing online games.

**What we need to see:**

* The ability to communicate clearly and concisely.
* Extremely proficient in C programming and debugging.
* A passion for delivering great work.

**What we’d like to see:**

* In-depth knowledge of and experience with games.
* 4 year degree required or equivalent experience in similar field.
* Passion for gaming / MMO games

Multiple positions available!

Must be eligible to work in the United States