Environment Artist
Cryptic Studios
 Los Gatos, CA
Cryptic Studios is looking for a talented Environment Artist to bring the world of our upcoming Magic: The Gathering MMO to life.  You’ll work closely with our concept, environment and design teams to create levels that are visually stunning.

**Every day you could be:**

* Collaborating with artists, designers and other disciplines to create engaging and appealing gameplay environments for our upcoming Magic: The Gathering
* Using Maya and/or 3DS Max, ZBrush, Substance, Photoshop and our proprietary tools to create PBR assets, layouts and lighting for both architectural and organic environments
* Iterating on game assets and environments with fellow artists via paint overs, studies, and group critiques to improve look and gameplay.

**What we'd like to see:**
* Excellent composition skills evident in your portfolio
* 3+ years’ experience creating 3D environments for games
* Expert level proficiency with Maya and/or 3DS Max, ZBrush, Substance and Photoshop
* Demonstrated ability to create high quality work in a broad range of non-realistic styles
* Experience using proprietary systems, engines and tools
* Ability to create PBR materials and all associated maps for new or existing assets
* Strong understanding of how to create environments that support and enhance gameplay
* Exceptional understanding of color, form, shape, structure, and silhouette
* An eye for proportion, scale, surface properties and lighting
* Excellent communication skills
* BA or BS degree in art or equivalent work experience

* Solid foundation in traditional art, drawing, painting, illustration and/or concept art
* Strong technical ability and willingness to learn new tools, techniques and workflows
* Basic proficiency creating environmental VFX and/or environmental animations

**Required Application Materials:**
* Resume and cover letter
* Portfolio or demo reel demonstrating experience modeling, texturing, and lighting game environments
* Must have a professional portfolio showing the the break down of your contributions - Environments / Props samples
* An art test may be required