Resident Engineer/Construction Manager
STV Incorporated
 Los Angeles, CA

STV is a leading, award-winning professional firm offering engineering, architectural, planning, environmental and construction management services. We consistently rank among the country's top firms in education, corrections, highways, bridges, rail and mass transit. Throughout the United States and in Canada, STV’s professional, technical and support personnel offer services to a broad and ever-expanding client base. We provide planning, environmental, design, program and construction management, and specialty services for the transportation, design-build, institutional and commercial building, advanced technology, industrial and defense markets.

STV’s team of construction professionals provides flexible, focused construction management and technical services to public and private sector clients. Our construction management specialists are complemented by an experienced architectural and engineering design staff. As an added value to our clients, we also provide cost estimating, scheduling and value engineering services in-house. It is this seamless integration of multidisciplinary capabilities that sets us apart from other firms.

We currently have an opening in our Los Angeles office for a Resident Engineer/Construction Manager.


  • Coordinate engineering and construction activity with project contractor who will be occupying a portion of the project site for 9 months and other projects near the construction site.
  • Coordinate with A&E services consultant to ensure the project is designed and constructed to accommodate the future rail and bus operations centers.
  • Attend weekly construction progress meetings, readiness review meetings, third party coordination meetings, and other construction meetings. Review and publish meeting minutes.
  • Review, for compliance, the submittal requirements and process in a timely manner. Verify all open issues are addressed and, following the review by the client or its engineering consultant, return the submittal back to the design-build contractor.
  • Identify work activities that require Construction Work Plans (CWPs). Assist in the review of CWPs and readiness review meetings.
  • Verify that contractors obtain all required permits, licenses, certificates, bond amendments and insurance.
  • Coordinate survey work performed by contractor surveyors/surveying or other survey consultants for the project.
  • Coordinate movement of any client supplied equipment and material to work sites, and delivery and receipt of spare parts and equipment.
  • Monitor stop notice actions, subcontractor lien releases, and lien wavers, as required, and inform client of all such related actions.
  • Recommend to client the institution of any partial or complete default actions against contractors; assist client in determining payment amounts due under default settlements.
  • Advise client and project design consultant when commitments are not met and recommend corrective action or, where appropriate, a change in priority. Obtain from the construction contractor a complete list of all critical material and equipment items, the name of each supplier, and the required and promised delivery dates for such items, including green construction equipment specified to be used by the contractor.


  • Must be a Professional Engineer, licensed and registered in the State of California.
  • Minimum of 15 years full time paid professional experience working on the construction of security operation centers, emergency operation centers, rail and bus operations centers; or projects of similar size, scope, and complexity.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience with LEED Gold.
  • Experience with BIM modeling on projects of similar scope, size, and complexity.
  • Experience working on low voltage systems.
  • Experience should include continuous responsibility (from initiation of the engineering phase through final design completion) on at least one design-build project with a similar level of complexity to this project. The experience must include interfacing with state and local jurisdictions as well as familiarity with the all applicable codes.

Required Education:

Graduation from a recognized college or university with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering