Production Support Engineer, LA
Quantum Metric
 Los Angeles, CA
Who are we?
Quantum Metric is a Digital Intelligence Platform, uniting Marketing, Engineering, and Product disciplines through quick and simple behavioral and predictive analytics. We’re on a mission to find the brightest, most passionate and persistent individuals on the planet to join our team. If that’s you, read on!

What will you do?
You'll be part of our production support team, providing world-class support to our customers. You'll achieve expert level knowledge of product capabilities and configuration options. Equipped with this knowledge, you'll respond to support inquiries, share knowledge, and help customers solve problems. You'll grow your development skills by assisting Engineers in the field with JavaScript instrumentation. You'll partner with platform engineering and customer success teams to diagnose issues and ensure top customer concerns are prioritized. You will innovate and solve new problems every day.

This role is perfect for junior developers who want to grow their skills with new technologies, learn from and be mentored by experienced leaders, and gain real-world experience in the Digital Intelligence space. If you're motivated and aspire to eventually move into a senior role in Software development, Sales Engineering, or Customer Success, this is a great place to start.

Who are you?
You have a passion for software development and are particularly fond of JavaScript. You can explain that a promise is more than something that your mother taught you to keep. You know why ES6 is better than ES5 and can give some concrete examples of the change it brings. You probably even know what Babel is and how it relates to these JavaScript features. That said, we imagine that you aspire to be more than just a code monkey. You're a problem solver who desires to work closely with other like-minded engineers to brainstorm potential solutions and determine the best path forward. You see big-picture value in learning from those who have gone before you. You see the importance of providing input and considering the points-of-view of those around you. You enjoy being a valued member of a healthy team.

What are your skills?
You are highly proficient with HTML, CSS and JavaScript that runs in a web browser. You also have a working knowledge of Facebook’s React Framework. Extra credit if you've dabbled in native mobile frameworks. Sure, there are other things you probably know, but these are the technical skills that will prove most valuable in this role. You’re curious, so you’re probably really familiar with a variety of different tech. This is a good thing because we understand the value of learning continuously and expanding out of your comfort zone.

What will you need to succeed?
We’re not shy about our rapid pace. We’ve experienced incredible victories because we come up with bold solutions and have them built before our competitors have poured their morning coffee. You’ll need to be willing to learn quickly, fail fast, communicate often, pivot gracefully, grow from your mistakes and iterate.

What’s in it for you?
This will be the best group that you ever work with. We support one another through challenges and win as a team. Your hard work will be well rewarded with stock options, a competitive salary and full benefits. Most importantly, you’ll be strapped to a technology rocket ship bound for greatness! Your success at Quantum Metric will be a milestone in your career.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems or equivalent
  • Experience with JavaScript, CSS, HTML and React
About Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric is a venture-backed startup that recently raised a $25MM Series A round of funding from Insight Venture Partners, a top-tier NY-based firm. The company has amazing client success stories at enterprise-scale that have helped validate our product-market fit and provided compelling examples of our business value proposition.

The typical Quantum Metric customer achieves a full investment payback within three months of beginning to use our real-time digital intelligence platform and, on average, a 376% ROI over three years. We’re thoughtfully scaling out our team to add outstanding talent that is equally passionate about being part of a team that is fast-paced, innovative and values passion, honesty, persistence, and curiosity.

We’re offering you the opportunity to develop your career in a tech space ripe for disruption. If all of this inspires you, then what are you waiting for? Talk to us today!