Citadel Outlets Los Angeles, CA
Primary Responsibilities: Support the Operations Manager in performing maintenance duties that preserve the integrity and value of the property and guarantee a safe, well-maintained facility for our customers, tenants and employees.

General Knowledge of: Painting, Plumbing, and Electrical

Duties to include but not be limited to the following:

* Maintain all center equipment according to guidelines established by the Operations Manager.

* Complete Pressure washing of center.

* Maintain all common areas of the center, including the public restrooms and parking lots to the standards set by center management for acceptable maintenance. This may include painting, minor plumbing repairs, minor landscaping repairs, sweeping of parking lots and other duties as assigned by Management.

* Perform preventative maintenance on equipment and vehicles as directed by the Operations Manager.

* Support the custodial staff as directed by Operations Manager. This includes performing custodial duties.

* Report to work well groomed and dressed appropriately in the clean uniform provided.

* Assist customers and tenants as appropriate, always maintaining a positive friendly attitude.

* Maintain a working knowledge and familiarity of all Outlet Center Emergency Procedures.


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