Jr. SRE – Own a Kubernetes Cluster & Supercharge Your 401k
Camden Kelly Corporation
 Los Angeles, CA
Get your foot in the door at a company that’s making a positive impact for technologists around the globe in this Jr. SRE job where you’ll collaboratively own a Kubernetes Cluster, build and improve CI/CD pipelines, execute disaster recovery planning, and more.

There’s so much innovative tech to sink your teeth into when you work here! This stable, bleeding-edge company believes in hiring top-notch technologists, treating them well, and giving everyone the chance to make a huge impact. Even in a Junior role, you’ll work on a wide variety of projects from 24/7 on-call monitoring for one week a month and executing physical hardware replacement to developing automated release pipelines and infrastructure for production environments. Take charge of a Kubernetes cluster, set up and maintain highly available tools for Developers, and add value as well as efficiency to the software development life cycle through the CI/CD processes you build. To succeed in this position, you’ll need experience with Linux, Python Scripting, MS SQL, Containers (Docker or Kubernetes), and Java.

The easiest part of this job: This company takes generous 401k matches to the next level! Even if you contribute nothing to your own 401k, they’ll automatically add in 5% every year. And if you do contribute, you’ll get a whopping 10% match. If you want to supercharge your retirement savings this is the best place to be!

The hardest part of this job: If you’re not willing to be on call 24/7 for one week every month this won’t be the right job for you.

Immerse yourself in the innovative tech you love that makes a difference around the world in this Jr. SRE position where you can easily supercharge your 401k!

What’s in it for you?

- Competitive Salary ($85,000-$100,000)

- Employer Paid Medical (for employee and dependents)

- Dental

- Optical

- 401k with 5% Match with no employee contribution, 10% Match with employee contribution

- Paid Holidays

What you’ll be doing:

- Collaboratively take charge of a Kubernetes cluster

- Set up and maintain highly available tools for Developers

- Work with Developers to build CI/CD processes that add value and efficiency to the software development life cycle

- Develop automated release pipelines and infrastructure for production environments

- Execute disaster recovery planning and simulation

- Work on 24/7 on-call monitoring for one week each month

- Execute physical hardware replacement as needed

What you need:

- Linux

- Python Scripting


- Containers (Docker or Kubernetes)

- Java

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