High School Summer Medicine Program Instructors
Envision EMI
 Los Angeles, CA

The Education Team are responsible for providing the best experience possible for all scholars through facilitation of all educational curricula. They work within a team of 20 program staff and are responsible for working directly with a group of 20-25 scholars. Employees must be able to interact with and supervise scholars and ensure their safety, as the number one priority. Advisors report to the Education Lead. Program Support will report to our Program Lead.

It is useful to think of the Advisor/Program Support role in terms of the acronym CARE: Chaperone, Administrator, Role Model and Educator.

  • Chaperone: Accompany scholars to all group meetings and field excursions. Ensure scholars are following the code of conduct at all times. Account for scholars during group meetings, speaking events, site visits, excursions and at room check.
  • Administrator: Complete paperwork, distribute and collect materials from scholars, and follow the program schedule.
  • Role Model: Set a positive and enthusiastic example for scholars for the duration of the program. Establish positive connections with each scholar. Model appropriate behavior, language, and enthusiasm.
  • Educator: Implement all program curricula, facilitate engaging scholar-led discussions, generate intellectual curiosity, and ensure that all educational goals are met during each phase of the program.


  • Create a safe and stimulating learning environment for all scholars
  • Prepare scholars for each day's activities
  • Effectively deliver 8 – 10 hours of curriculum according to lesson plans provided daily
  • Serve as a positive leader, mentor and role model for all program participants
  • Be knowledgeable of all policies and procedures and assist in their enforcement
  • Efficiently manage the safe transportation of scholars on-site and off-site
  • Attend daily staff meetings
  • Conduct regular attendance checks and a nightly room check ensuring that scholars are safe and accounted for
  • Submit completed paperwork and program materials in a timely fashion
  • Assist support staff with program logistics as needed (i.e. check-in on Arrival Day, unpacking supplies, loading and unloading supplies at program sites)
  • Work closely, cooperatively and amicably with all staff members
  • Perform other duties as designated by the program leadership

Advisor Qualifications

  • Knowledge and experience within the field of medicine or other health care/science related areas.
  • Bachelor's level education or current upperclassmen; Master's or higher preferred for leadership roles
  • For Advanced Emergency Medicine, Stanford – Must be currently accepted Medical Student or similar medical professional
  • Previous experience working with high school students (preferred)
  • Experience facilitating curriculum and managing a classroom
  • Strong logistical and organization skills
  • Must be able to bend and lift boxes up to 50 lbs and walk long distances on campus over multiple hours
  • Ability to exercise good judgment and solve problems
  • Maturity and professionalism
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to set expectations for and enforce appropriate student behavior

Compensation & Benefits…

  • Seasonal Team members enjoy the experience of working with like-minded professionals, passionate about helping every student realize their career and life aspirations. Additionally, Envision offers:
  • 5 days of accredited pre-program training on curriculum, instructional methodologies, operational excellence, and scholar safety
  • Continuing Education Certificates for educators, leads, administrative, and support staff for eligible staff who attend training
  • Compensation paid bi-weekly plus housing, meals during program sessions, and between program session travel
  • Partial stipend to offset the cost of travel to training and home from last program location

Successful Candidates

  • Are high energy, flexible, and have the ability to work extended days and hours
  • Can reside at the program site
  • Can complete a mandatory training program prior to working first session
  • Can pass a mandatory background check
  • Are eligible to work in the United States

Envision's programs are held on college campuses and at conference centers across the United States. Positions could be based at any program location. The approximate start date in 2020 is June 15th.