Facilities Maintenance/Custodian

Position Summary

This position is responsible for ensuring all assigned areas of Norchem's facility are clean, neat, and orderly, in conjunction with its policies and procedures. Duties generally include facility cleaning and organizing tasks. The position will provide excellent service to facility and employees.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

* Portray a positive company image and engage in professional and friendly communications with all employees and guests.

* Clean rooms, hallways, lobbies, lounges, restrooms, corridors, stairways, designated areas of the chemical warehouse, fabrication office, and engineering office; other work areas in accordance with Company specifications

* Clean floors, carpets, windows, window shutters, walls, etc. using vacuum cleaners, chemical products, and/or other related appliances

* Empty wastebaskets and dispose of trash and waste in designated areas

* Exercises administrative judgment and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information in production and main office areas.

* Assume responsibility for decisions, consequences, and escalates any concerns to management

* Ensure spaces are prepared for the next day by taking out trash, tidying furniture and dusting surfaces

* Wash and sanitize toilets, sinks, and showers and restock disposables (e.g. soap, paper)

* Adhere to the company's safety policies to create a safe work environment for everyone

* Maintain outer premises by removing debris and trash from the grounds

* Utilize insecticides to prevent infestation by dangerous pests as needed

* Informing management of maintenance and minor repairs (replacing broken switches, fixing door handles, minor leaks etc.)

* Ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned and maintained, including deep cleaning duties

* Deep cleaning duties include, dusting, wall cleaning, window cleaning, hard to reach spots

* Undertake occasional custodial and janitorial tasks (lifting heavy items, moving chairs etc.)

* Report to Office Manager for additional requests

* Performs other duties, as assigned

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)

* Knowledge of use and maintenance of industrial cleaning equipment and appliances

* Knowledge of safe disposal of chemical liquids and other hazardous components

* Familiarity with basic landscaping and handyman practices

* Attention to detail and conscientiousness

* Very good physical condition and strength

* Understanding of how to work industrial equipment like floor buffers, industrial floor washers

Prerequisite Experience

* Proven experience as a custodian, janitor or in a similar role

* High School Diploma Required

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