Director, Creative Advertising

Paramount Pictures Los Angeles, CA
Overview and Responsibilities

This position assists in the creative direction, development and execution of digital advertising and marketing strategy for Motion Picture marketing.

* Primary responsibilities require interfacing with executive vice-president, senior management, filmmakers, feature film cast and crew, editorial and advertising agencies as well as Paramount Pictures marketing departments with the motion picture department and inter-division departments

* Weekly meetings include strategy meetings, research meetings, advertising agency meetings, post-production meetings and budget meetings

* Manage Digital Creative Budgets

* Concept, create and produce ads for digital/online placement – working with our digital agencies.

* Manage workflow with the digital marketing team to ensure all integration memos are filled and timelines for delivery are adhered to (managing asset deadlines, updating creative/campaign messaging, etc)

* Interpret digital media plans and manage the creation of different assets required to fill those media plans

* Participate in, understand and apply the findings of traditional market research and testing to the digital advertising space

* Work with the digital analytics team to assess the success of campaigns during campaign flight and optimize/adjust accordingly

* Work with digital and brand strategy to craft trailer launch plans and ensure all required creative elements for launches are delivered on schedule

* Participate in creative research and ideation, including comparable campaigns, cues, copy and concepts

* Increased involvement in creative strategy and execution of AV, Print and Digital materials

* Manage quotes culls, accolades and awards tracking

* Strong working knowledge of digital and social media landscape with a clear understanding of the following:

* Distribution platform – understanding of the various digital platforms such as Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Snapchat, FEPs and site driven placements and the best practices for those platforms

* Types of content – a working understanding of the different ad types used digitally - :06 bumpers, :10s :15s, Motion graphics driven creative and longer form AV materials

* Tone/Voice – An understanding of how to extend the tone/voice established in traditional forms of creative advertising and carry over into the digital space

* Understanding of the primary KPIs that determine success of digital advertisements

Basic Qualifications

* Bachelor's degree in related field or equivalent experience

* Minimum 7 years related experience

* Experience working on significant Theatrical Marketing campaigns with primary focus on digital and social media outlets

Additional Qualifications

* Good oral and written communication skills

* Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (creative file types, etc), BOX, iMovie, etc.