Community Outreach Specialist

Next Level Recruiting, LLC
 Los Angeles, CA

We have been pushing the envelope in developing innovative and impactful outreach programs that enhance the quality of living in our community. We have teamed up with the nations most renowned Federal Lifeline Program to strengthen communication for those who may not have the means to do so. Our Community Outreach specialists do a fantastic job at developing relationships within the community and making every one of our program members feel important.

As a community Outreach Specialist, your job is simple. We look for individuals who can put a smile on anyones face and make a difference in their day to day. If you are ready to fall right into a FULFILLING and BOUNTIFUL career, then our Community Outreach Specialist role is the perfect fit!

Are you:

  • Personable
  • Friendly
  • Charismatic
  • Motivated
  • Team-oriented
  • Solution-oriented
  • People-oriented

As A Community Outreach Specialist You Will:

  • Educate community members on the benefits of the federal life-line program and how it can make their day to day easier
  • Qualify potential community members for the benefits we offer
  • Answer any questions or concerns community members may have by actively listening and providing efficient solution
  • Engage community members in a warm and friendly way to make them feel comfortable
  • Attend daily meetings and webinars to stay up to date with new policies, procedures, and any new deals or promotions being rolled out


  • Highschool diploma or GED
  • Prior experience in customer service, sales, client facing, community outreach, or volunteering
  • Flexible schedule and willing to work untraditional hours