Shift Leader (SL) (P) High Threat Dignitary Protection
Sikat Group LLC
 Lorton, VA
NOTE:  All employment discussions, processing, and offers for this position are fully contingent upon our Client being awarded the work by the U.S. Government and the Candidate meeting all contract-required qualifications and completing contract-required training.

Our confidential Client is currently accepting applications to perform work on a High Threat Dignitary Protection Services Contract.  Various locations throughout MENA and other austere theatres of operation.

POSITION TITLE:  Shift Leader (SL) (P)

  • At the team level, manage and direct protective security operations (PSD, ERT, QRF, etc.) on a day-to-day basis.

  • Directly supervises protective security specialists, including members of the ERT/QRF.

  • Ensures that all PRS assignments are properly covered and that the detail/team is operating smoothly, in accordance with schedule and preset plans.

  • Ensures that all ERT/QRF assignments are properly covered and ready to respond.

  • Ensures that ERT patrols are completed.

  • Directs and controls response actions, as required, through radio communications during motorcades and all ground, air, or water movements.


In order to be eligible to work under this contract, US Citizen Contractor personnel shall:

  • Be at least 21 years of age at the time of hiring.

  • Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license issued from a state within the US.

  • Possess and maintain a valid passport granted by the Department of State.

  • In the case of military service, any separation must have been under honorable conditions, if applicable.

  • In the case of specific human intelligence threat Posts, the person must meet the minimum requirements as identified in the task order.

  • Obtain and maintain a personnel security clearance/public trust certification, as required by the task order.

  • Meet or exceed all applicable position/labor category requirements as detailed in Section 2 of this Attachment and the applicable TO.  The Contractor shall not consider armed guard/protective security experience earned prior to 18 years of age for the purposes of meeting position/labor category experience requirements.

  • Prior to beginning training, shall submit to and receive a negative result on drug and steroid testing

  • Successfully complete the training qualification and re-qualification proficiency requirements with the weapon(s) required by their respective position/labor category.  Any accommodations (e.g., glasses, hearing aids, prostheses, etc.) required to successfully complete training must be used in the performance of duties for the duration of employment on the contract.



Listed below are the minimum qualifications and experience required in order for the Candidate to be considered for this position

  • Must be a US citizen.

  • Must possess a minimum of five (5) years experience in protective security assignments.

  • 1.   A minimum of two (2) years of this experience must have been in a supervisory or in-charge capacity, or possess a minimum of three (3) years of PSS experience on WPS II or any of its predecessor contracts (i.e., WPPS, WPPS II, WPS).

  • A minimum of six (6) months of this experience must have been working in protective security on WPS II or any of its predecessor contracts (i.e., WPPS, WPPS II, WPS).

  •  The remaining three (3) years of experience may be gained in the employ of any national, state, provincial, local, or commercial entities providing armed high threat protective services that require skills similar to those identified in the PSS training course as outlined as required

Upon initial Client approval, and before beginning work on the contract, the (SL) shall:

  • Attend and successfully complete the PSS training course, as outlined as required.

  • Attend and successfully complete the supervisor training course, as required.

  • Qualify with the Glock-19, M4, M203, M240, M249, and Remington 870 shotgun, re-qualifying as required by the task order.

  • Obtain and maintain a personnel security clearance as specified in the task order.

  • Complete the WPS Physical Readiness Test at the 65% performance level, and maintain that fitness level for the duration of his/her service on the task order. 

  • Possess no impediments to traveling overseas to and within countries that are considered dangerous or unhealthy in general, or to the country or countries assigned in the applicable task order in specific.