Quality Solutions Expert
 Lorton, VA

Making high-quality level automated driving system is challenging and it is not yet established by any other automotive companies. Preparing well designed development process, development environment and checking methodology is significantly important to achieve this goal. Our team have two missions. One is making development process that each developer can autonomously follow. The other is continuously improving sustainable audit process. These processes have two sides, one is strict and the other is user friendly. To achieve this characteristic, communication with each developer is very important.

We are looking for excellent candidates for full-time senior engineer involved in the software quality management of our automated driving system. This position will work with other teams working on functional application design, high-level system design, project management, software implementation, and testing. 

We are looking for an engineer who 
- Have Capability of adjustment with other organization based on benefit on each side
- Can make good relationship with team_member/stakeholder
- Can Negotiate other division.
- Have deep knowledge and experience on SW quality assessment/management skill and have excellent communication skill. 
- Have flexibility to match the working style to agile.


  • Quality audit for TRI-AD software development
  • TRI-AD standard Software development process definition
  • Pick up the process problems from communication with developer and propose improved process
  • Develop strong relationship with supplier to make a cooperative software development process


  • More than 3 years of experience regarding software quality assessment/management 
  • More than 3 years of experience of improving of software development process
  • More than 3 years of experience in embedded software development with C or C++
  • Skills on negotiation and communication and have leadership
  • Written and verbal communication skills in English and Japanese


  • Knowledge of automotive industry standard, regulations
  • Knowledge of software development process (Automotive SPICE, CMMI, etc)
  • Knowledge of software quality metrics
  • Experience in ticket driven project management tools (JIRA, etc)
  • Experience in code repository (GitHub, etc)
  • Experience in CI environment (AWS/Jenkins)
  • Experience in leading of software management
  • Skills on team management of agile/scrum development


  • Salary - Depends on skills and experience
  • Work Hours - Flextime with NO core-time
  • Paid Holiday (Vacation) - 14 days (Prorated)
  • Sick Leave - 6 days (Prorated)
  • Holiday - Sat & Sun, Japanese National Holiday, and other days defined by the company
  • Probationary Period - 3 months with NO benefit Restriction
  • Japanese Social Security - all applicable (Health Insurance, Pension, Workers' Comp and Unemployment Insurance 
  • Benefit Package - Very good package with lots of selections provided
Please attach link to your portfolio. If you are currently located at outside of Japan, don't worry, we'll set an interview over Google Hangout Meet or Skype.

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