OTA Update Engineer
 Lorton, VA
Since antiquity, when sea routes and land routes were perilous for people and goods, having up to date and highly accurate maps have been a requirement for safe travel. These maps were patchworks of military sketches, captain logs and merchant updates, and over the centuries became more and more detailed. In an era of increasing vehicle automation, having up-to-date and highly accurate maps is equally critical to ensuring safe vehicle operation both on the highway and on surface roads. Yet map building remains an exhaustive and highly manual process, meaning real-time high definition map updates often propagate through to the user with a delay of months or years from the date when they were collected, rendering them useless beyond limited driver assist functions. It is time for a new paradigm.

The 2020 Maps team is responsible for integrating high definition HD Maps into Toyota’s next-generation automated driving Highway Teammate vehicles launching in Japan from 2020 and into the mid 2020s. The highway teammate vehicles will likely be the most powerful supercomputers on wheels when they launch around the time of the Tokyo Olympics, and HD Maps are critical to ensuring safe operation of the automated vehicle beyond the sensor’s line of sight. Data quality assurance is a massive global undertaking requiring deep technical expertise and practical understanding of quality processes. Beyond data, the team is further responsible for orchestrating multiple HD Map sourcing partners, Toyota Group map back-end stakeholders and multiple Toyota system engineering teams. 

As a Over-The-Air (OTA) Update Engineer in the 2020 Maps team, you will play a vital role in establishing the map OTA mechanism for Japan as well as US markets in collaboration with related partners.


  • Work with related partners and develop the map OTA update feature (specifications, schedule, quality etc) for Japan as well as US markets.


  • Minimum 6-7 years work experience
  • Experience in OTA update feature development in a tier-1 company
  • Experience working with C, C++ or Python
  • Business Level English required
  • Excellent communication and stakeholder engagement skills
  • Understanding of Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Working knowledge of typical agile tools (Git, Jenkins, Docker, JIRA, Confluence etc) 


  • Experience with map update process development in navigation ECU will be a big plus
  • Experience in large-scale operations and developing real-time processing (embedded) platforms
  • Working knowledge of map databases
  • Working knowledge of AWS (Amazon Web Services) or similar modern cloud infrastructure systems
  • Japanese language skills


  • Salary - Depends on skills and experience
  • Work Hours - Flextime with NO core-time
  • Paid Holiday (Vacation) - 14 days (Prorated)
  • Sick Leave - 6 days (prorated)
  • Holiday - Sat & Sun, Japanese National Holiday, and other days defined by the company
  • Probationary Period - 3 months with NO benefit Restriction
  • Japanese Social Security - all applicable (Health Insurance, Pension, Workers' Comp and Unemployment Insurance 
  • Benefit Package - Very good package with lots of selections provided
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