Go-To-Market Manager
 Lorton, VA
Since antiquity, when sea routes and land routes were perilous for people and goods, having up to date and highly accurate maps have been a requirement for safe travel. These maps were patchworks of military sketches, captain logs and merchant updates, and over the centuries became more and more detailed. In an era of increasing vehicle automation, having up-to-date and highly accurate maps is equally critical to ensuring safe vehicle operation both on the highway and on surface roads. Yet map building remains an exhaustive and highly manual process, meaning real-time high definition map updates often propagate through to the user with a delay of months or years from the date when they were collected, rendering them useless beyond limited driver assist functions. It is time for a new paradigm.

The Strategic Planning team is responsible for developing the strategic direction of TRI-AD beyond vehicle programs and towards building product software lines across the company. Our ability to swiftly distill intelligence from the market into agile product teams via an enhanced and modern product marketing function will help accelerate our progress towards developing the safest possible automated driving vehicle. This team is also responsible for building up an ecosystem of developers and partners, starting with early-stage proof of concepts for the Automated Driving Platform.

As a creative and energetic Go-To-Market Manager, you will find product requirements of customers in global regions, build Go-To-Market strategy including partnerships with key players, and support all Pre-Sales activity of TRI-AD products e.g. Automated Mapping Platform (AMP).
- Also, you will be an important role to translate vision and strategy of the product to specific solution and value for TRI-AD product portfolio from an outside-in insight including what is available now and in the future.
- You should have an understanding of the Automated Driving, Automotive, Software, Platform, UX, and Location based businesses with a passion for technology and for working in a fast-paced environment.


  • Evaluate the market needs and create Go-To-Market strategies that will expand acknowledgement of TRI-AD products.
  • Support pre-sales activity of TRI-AD products to global regions, in close cooperation with multiple TRI-AD teams.
  • Work across other Strategic Planning teams to create new campaigns, programs, in addition to Go-To-Market initiatives
  • Create a network and engage with the TRI-AD teams to maintain the full overview of the TRI-AD product portfolio
  • Have expert ability to create tactics from strategy
  • Present TRI-AD products at industry events, and build regional pipelines
  • Enhance unique sales points of the product to potential/existing partners, customers


  • Minimum 6-7 years work experience
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Business, Commercial, Strategy, or equivalent. Master’s degree an optional plus.
  • Proven track record of Go-To-Market ability to execute a complex sales process, including experiences in leading a bridge roll between market/customers and Product teams
  • Working experience collaborating with business development, partner management, product management and product engineering in the software technology industry
  • Working experience discussing embedded, enterprise, cloud, UX and other software products with technical engineers
  • Working experience with Product and Portfolio Marketing is a plus
  • Experience in one large company, as well as one smaller company or startup
  • Working knowledge in disruptive technology concepts: AI, Machine learning, Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, UX, Map data bases and Autonomous Driving is a plus
  • Experience with business solutions in the area of mobility/location-based technology and services e.g. HD maps, Routing services, Transportation, Logistics etc. is a plus
  • Work experience with country/local government is a plus 


  • Strong product and customer orientation including readily identifying and qualifying gap between TRI-AD products and customer needs
  • Ability to make effective presentations and to answer questions regarding TRI-AD products
  • Understanding of cutting-edge technologies with the ability to learn new ones fast
  • Solid skills for project, time and budget management
  • Working knowledge of marketing channels, tools, and processes is a plus
  • Excellent skills for communication, documentation and people engagement
  • Self-motivated, proactive, positive, flexible and willing to contribute to the team target
  • Understanding of Agile/Scrum methodology. Experience of agile a plus.
  • Business Level English required
  • Japanese language skills preferred


  • Salary - Depends on skills and experience
  • Work Hours - Flextime with NO core-time
  • Paid Holiday (Vacation) - 14 days (Prorated)
  • Sick Leave - 6 days (prorated)
  • Holiday - Sat & Sun, Japanese National Holiday, and other days defined by the company
  • Probationary Period - 3 months with NO benefit Restriction
  • Japanese Social Security - all applicable (Health Insurance, Pension, Workers' Comp and Unemployment Insurance 
  • Benefit Package - Very good package with lots of selections provided
If you are currently located at outside of Japan, don't worry, we'll set an interview over Google Hangout Meet or Skype.

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