Senior Designer (Visual)
 London, KY
Senior Visual Designers at Method have a variety of graphic design skills that they apply to multiple project types from the creation and application of corporate, service and product brand identity systems to digital interfaces that live across devices and platforms. The  visual design team is made up of design professionals with backgrounds across graphic design, illustration, industrial, motion and physical design. What they all have in common is a passionate attention to craft detail, appreciation of modern functional design with a strong aesthetic sense and a constant curiosity to explore effective communication solutions that deliver design excellence in all its forms.


  • Conceptualize a creative vision and guide it to actualization
  • Think strategically, translating brand, service, and product directions and requirements into products and experiences
  • Scope and manage projects through all phases, from kick-off through delivery
  • Collaborate and communicate productively across all levels and disciplines
  • Eloquently present and communicate design concepts to our internal team and our clients


  • Understand lean design processes, iterative prototyping and exhibit fluency with common design software
  • Boast a solid formal academic background in Graphic Design, Digital Media Design, Communication Design, or commensurate work experience
  • Demonstrate professional growth in related role(s) for 6-8 years
  • A portfolio that demonstrates your graphic design thinking and core craft skills across a variety of client categories and design formats
Cultural Fit
We seek patient and friendly individuals who are smart, curious and opinionated. Individuals who have the ability to be fast learners and develop points of view for a constantly changing product and service development landscape. We seek those that have the ability to listen, to see value in other opinions, and who are able to collaborate respectfully and effectively. At senior level, we look for leaders who can take direction as well as give it; who can lead projects as well as get their hands dirty as needed.

If you are a curious individual that believes better experiences shape a better world, we’d like to hear from you.