Loss Prevention Department Manager

Von Maur
 Livonia, MI


A Loss Prevention Department Manager develops and motivates associates, to ensure a safe environment for customers and employees, and protect the company’s assets. Identifies and reduces sources of loss from internal/external theft in order to reduce/control shrinkage while increasing company profits. Monitors department’s organization, processes, policies, and procedures. Primary job responsibilities of a Loss Prevention Department Manager include the following:

-Observes, assists, and motivates Loss Prevention associates to watch for customer and employee theft and to identify potential shoplifters and signs of employee dishonesty.

-Trains Loss Prevention associates in department procedures, store policies, loss prevention issues, including loss prevention procedures, safety, emergency procedures, and incident reporting.

-Assesses Loss Prevention associates’ performance and writes and conducts performance reviews, fairly and timely. Follows all disciplinary procedures when necessary.

-Addresses concerns to the department in a timely manner; develops and implements solutions, reporting to Store Management as necessary.

-Evaluates inventory results and assists in formulating an action plan to reduce store shrinkage.

-Monitors department’s organization, supplies, and processes used, ensuring all department responsibilities are fulfilled.

-Executes all duties of any Loss Prevention Associate.


Von Maur was founded in 1872 with two simple goals – provide a wide selection of quality merchandise and establish excellent customer service principles by treating every customer like family. Since then, Von Maur has deliberately and steadily grown and expanded the variety of services offered to our customers. Our wide range of customer services include free delivery, complimentary gift wrapping, no questions asked customer return policy, alterations, and an interest free charge card. Today, 36 Von Maur stores are scattered across 15 states: Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma and Wisconsin; and we’re still expanding. Our corporate headquarters and e-commerce facility are located in Davenport, Iowa.

The integrity and values that have pleased our customers for generations also make Von Maur a wonderful place to work. We value the diversity of our employees and each associate contributes in a unique way to our customer’s experience. Von Maur employees are friendly and have a passion for customer service. Being a part of our team requires dedication, enthusiasm and flexibility. Associates are empowered to make decisions, acting in the best interest of the customer.

Our company culture is characterized by a promote from within philosophy. We hire people with the intent to promote them as far as their ability and ambition will take them.

Von Maur provides high quality jobs with excellent benefit packages that have a positive impact on the health, happiness and future of our associates and their families.