Security Officer - Heart of Lancaster

Community Health System Lititz, PA

Conducts interior and exterior security patrols of hospital campus and responds to various emergency situations as well as enforcing hospital security and safety policies.

1. Conducts safety and security patrols of the hospital, both internal and external, to enforce all hospital-wide and department-specific safety and security policies. 1:1 Regularly makes walking patrols, checking and correcting safety and security issues. 1:2 Locks and secures equipment, supplies, doors and departments as appropriate. 1:3 Enforces all policies; i.e. parking, smoking, visitors after hours, in a consistent and fair manner. 1:4 Patrols offsite locations and parking lots. 1:5 Maintains current information in lost and found logs. Notifies individuals when items reported as missing are located. 1:6 Will obtain the morgue litter from 14-B and respond to and assist with the removal of deceased patients from patient care areas. 1:7 Monitors Lancaster Regional Medical Center using electronic security equipment (closed-circuit television, alarms, etc.). 1:8 Enforces all Lancaster Regional Medical Center policies and procedures as assigned by Administration and Chief of Security. II. 2. Controls combative or disruptive patients or visitors in a supportive role throughout the hospital. 2:1 Responds to all calls for any code response to handle combative or disruptive patients or visitors. 2:2 Implements, along with medical staff, appropriate measures to control situation. 2:3 De-escalates confrontational situations involving anyone interacting in the facility. III. 3. 3:1 Responds to all code calls throughout the hospital in an expedient manner. 3:2 Initiates actions to control and/or resolve the emergency response; i.e., hazardous material spill, fire alarm. 3:3 Performs role of liaison with police, fire and other emergency respondents to facility. 3:4 Writes detail reports on all notable incidents. In addition, completes a daily shift log of activities/events. IV. 4. 4:2 Checks for compliance with all fire regulations and performs proactive fire surveillance. V. 5. Performs additional tasks as they are assigned and directed. 5:1 Performs variety of tasks as needed to include PBX function, medical records retrieval, etc. VI. 6. Parking enforcement for all parking lots. 6:1 Enforces hospital administration parking policy. 6:2 Regulates and directs employees, visitors and staff to appropriate parking locations. 6:3 Follows directions of Director of Security regarding parking enforcement. Core Competencies-15% VII. Philosophy, Mission & Values Accountability 7. Shares responsibility as a team member in developing and maintaining a supportive work environment. 7.1 Recognizes and demonstrates appreciation for the unique gifts of other on the healthcare team. 7.2 Develops positive relationships with those whom we serve, ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and individual dignity at all times. 7.3 Meets tensions and resolves conflicts in constructive manner leading towards reconciliation. 7.4 Understands and supports the hospitals philosophy to treat everyone with special concern. 7.5 Uses materials, equipment and other resources appropriately 7.6 Reports improper, unjust, or unethical situations to appropriate leadership. 7.7 Supports the hospitals responsibility to influence public policy in order to promote the health of individuals and the community. VIII. Customer Service 8. Maintains confidentiality required in patient and peer relationships in the hospital community 8.1 Is a resource and positive role model for others, demonstrating willingness to teach and share knowledge with other departments/personnel. 8.2 Demonstrates consistent diplomatic relationships with internal and external customers that support patient care to promote a positive image and customer service focus. 8.3 Consults and works collaboratively with medical staff. 8.4 Is an advocate for patient and family with physicians and other healthcare providers. IX. Safety/Patient Safety 9. Adheres to infection control/universal precaution standards. 9.1 Familiar with and adheres to established guidelines of regulatory agencies. 9.2 Intervenes with proper technique and procedure to maintain a safe environment. 9.3 Demonstrates compliance with National Safety Goals 9.4Completes mandatory education requirements (i.e., fire and safety, department competencies) 9.5 Maintains required certification (i.e., CPR, ACLS) X. Interpersonal/Communications/Relationships 10. Effectively utilizes verbal and written communication skills. Ability to read and communicate effectively in English. 10.1 Keeps manager informed of unit based needs. 10.2 Identifies the elements of culture and alterations in family processes associated with the patient. 10.3 Ability to take action and get things done independently. Assumes responsibility promptly and effectively. Identifies the issue, develops steps and participates as needed to resolve the issue. 10.4 Demonstrates tact when dealing with patients, colleagues and the public 10.5 Demonstrates ability to address issues and find a solution while at the same time achieving consensus with the individuals involved. 10.6 Adheres to the proper chain of command within the organization. 10.7 Is a resource and positive role model for others, demonstrating willingness to teach and share knowledge with other departments/personnel. 10.8 Consults and works collaboratively with all staff. 10.9 Demonstrates support of AIDET service principles in daily interactions. Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thank-you XI. Information Management/HIPAA 11. Knowledge of procedures for maintaining security, confidentiality and integrity of patient medical information. 11.1 Demonstrates skills and accuracy in collecting and inputting data into hospital computer system as relevant to position. XII. Equipment 12. Demonstrates skill in use of equipment relevant to position, knowledge of appropriate safety procedures. 12.1 Diagnosis equipment problems, repairs or seeks out someone to repair. 12.2 Consistently inform appropriate person of problems encounter with repairs or calibration of equipment Education: High School Diploma Training/Experience: Prior Law Enforcement or Security experience. CPR required upon hire Operation of Equipment: Licenses: A valid drivers license is required.