Salad Bar Attendant - Hoss's

Hoss's Steak and Sea House Lewistown, PA
Status: Non‑Exempt Hourly

Supervisor: Salad Bar/Prep Manager (Direct Supervisor) or Shift Manager

Job Classification: Food Service

Our Salad Bar attendants present Hoss salads, breads, soups, ice cream, and desserts in a sanitary, attractive, and pleasant manner.


* Provides Salad Bar presentation with the Guest as the #1 priority.

* Achieves guest satisfaction through interaction and coordination with all departments, levels and functions within the store. Support all fellow crew member's efforts and treats each other with the mutual respect necessary to promote a pleasant and efficient working environment.

* Maintain a clean and professional appearance that reflects the Hoss's brand and culture.

* Comply with all Hoss quality, service, operational, safety and sanitation standards.

* • Has thorough knowledge of the Salad Bar area, allowing for precise replacement and restocking of product on the bar at the appropriate times.

* Provides each guest with a sincere greeting and exceeds guest expectations when at the Salad Bar area.

* Pays special attention to safety and sanitation guidelines to ensure that all guests are receiving fresh products of the highest quality.

* Is always aware of the state of the Salad Bar items and quickly and efficiently refills items which are running low.

* Is able to assist guests with their needs in order to provide the ultimate guest experience and exceed guest expectations.

Tasks and Responsibilities

* Stocking, filling, and rotating food products on the Salad Bar

* Cleaning, sweeping floors, and wiping Salad Bar and surrounding areas.

* Keeps counters organized.

* Preparing food on a limited basis: cutting and baking bread.

* Preparing soups to serve to guests, occasionally making from scratch.

* Maintaining proper sanitation control.

* Assist in any area as needed.

* Complying with Hoss's safety standards at all times.

* Complying with Hoss's dress code at all times.

* Performing other duties as assigned or directed.