Clinical Reference Laboratory, Inc.

Clinical Reference Laboratory, Inc. Lenexa, KS
GENERAL STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY: Reviews and interprets raw data generated in the screening and confirmation of specimens for drugs of abuse.


Perform all duties applicable for “Certifying Scientist-Negatives”.

Know and consistently applies SOP to review/interpretation of LC/MS data for both non-SAMHSA and SAMHSA specimens.

Properly documents all review of data.

Recognize the importance of turnaround time and works toward the timely release of confirmation data.

For SAMHSA specimens:

Reviews/re-reviews all data-screening, LCMS for other drugs, prior LCMS analyses for the same drug, etc. –prior to reporting of confirmation results.

Appropriately marks the chain of custody form(s), prints/stamps his/her name, signs and dates the consent form for each specimen that has complete confirmation results and is ready to report.

Properly completes chain of custody forms that have been completed/corrected by submission of memoranda of correction.

Review entered results, makes corrections, if necessary, and prints reports affecting the computer release or confirmation results.

Interface cooperatively and clearly with all departments to direct corrective action in the event of a LCMS batch failure, chromatographic problems, QC failure, incomplete/improper chain of custody documentation, computer problems related to the reporting of results, etc.

Properly “package” and file confirmation data for storage and easy retrieval.

Confer with clients/MRO’s regarding analysis/interpretation of results.

Communicate clearly as an “expert” when called upon to explain any/all aspects of accessioning, screening, review of screening and/or LCMS data, etc., by an inspector or in the event of a legal challenge.

Maintain and protect the confidentiality of all CRL and client information.

Be able to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local safety and health regulations that would apply to this job.

Keep work area neat and clean.

Other duties as assigned.

denotes essential job function.


EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in the chemical or biological sciences or medical technology or equivalent

Highly desirable: Pharmacology/pharmacokinetics background—knowledge of drug metabolism, cross-reactives, detection times in urine, etc.

EXPERIENCE: Prior experience as a certifying scientist highly desirable; GC/MS experience highly desirable; experience with screening operations highly desirable; experience with automated analyzers desirable.


Familiarity with PC

Must be able to read, understand, and develop strong working knowledge of appropriate SOP’s and other relevant information services

Detail oriented; strong analytical and organizational skills

Good communication skills; ability to work under pressure


Primarily sitting; some movement from office to data entry, accessioning, screening, etc.

Must have good vision for close work.

The ability to discriminate between different colors visually is considered an essential function for the position.

EQUIPMENT: PC, calculator

OTHER: Overtime, weekends, nights as required.

denotes essential job function.

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