Online MSN Instructor
 Lehi, UT
Position Purpose  

Faculty members are committed to upholding the mission of the College by providing the highest level of instruction, demonstrating a commitment to student success, and providing learning opportunities consistent with the Eagle Gate College Statement of Teaching Effectiveness and Faculty Competencies. Faculty members are expected to support and uphold the College’s policies and procedures. Faculty members play a critical role in the campus retention management program. All new Eagle Gate College faculty members shall receive an orientation and training. All BSN and MSN Online faculty must take and pass the Faculty 101 Course with a score of 85% or higher as the first step in the application process. All faculty participate in professional development opportunities as EGCG instructors.

Duties and Responsibilities 

•    As a new faculty member participate in EGCG New Faculty Orientation and Training program, including participation in the EGCG Faculty Mentor Program and Canvas/LMS Orientation.

•    Teach courses as assigned by the Vice Dean of Online Learning

•    Apply teaching concepts consistent with the EGCG Statement of Teaching Effectiveness and Faculty Competencies. 

•    Teach to course learning outcomes as mapped in the approved course syllabus.

•    Create a safe and welcoming learning environment and get to know every student the first day/week of classes.

•    Begin online class on time and end on time in the designated space and provide an entire period of instruction for each class.

•    Deliver learning to ensure that students have had an opportunity to master course competencies as described in the course syllabus.

•    Uphold College criteria and standards for grading student work using required rubrics. 

•    Prepare lessons and learning activities for each class session applying teaching competencies as described in the EGCG Statement of Teaching Effectiveness and Faculty Competencies. 

•    Model professional behavior.     

•    Make first contact with absent students in a caring, professional way. 

•    Report at-risk students to the Vice Dean of Online Learning/Assistant Dean of the respective student campus.

•    Inform the Vice Dean of Online Learning of any instructional delivery support needs in a timely manner or of any issues interfering with or impeding online course delivery 

•    Participate in student success plans for students struggling in his/her course, with any needed guidance from the Vice Dean of Online Learning/Assistant Dean of the respective student campus.

•    Keep accurate attendance records, posting attendance in the portal and submitting attendance roster to the Academic department for each class period in a timely manner. (See Faculty Handbook for requirements and expectations)

•    Compile, administer, and grade all assignments and examinations in a timely manner.

•    Submit final grades for all courses by the deadline established by the Vice Dean of Online Learning/Assistant Dean of the respective student campus and Program Director.

•    Actively participate in program and college committees.

•    Participate in online faculty meetings and in-services.

•    Apply evidence-based teaching concepts and strategies consistent with the EGCG Statement of Teaching Effectiveness and Faculty Competencies and in accordance with Best Practices for Online Instruction. 

•    Maintain presence in the online learning environment. Actively participate in threaded discussions, answer student inquiries in accordance with best practices.(See Faculty Handbook)

•    Responsible for program outcomes by implementing the College's philosophy, curriculum and course outcomes through online format.

•    Individual outcomes for service include the expectation that each full-time faculty member serves on at least one college committee. 

•    Full-time online faculty are expected to serve the community and/or the nursing profession through active participation in nursing organizations, community service projects, community boards, or advocacy activities.  

•    Work with the Vice Dean of Online Learning/Assistant Dean of the respective student on classroom observations and student coaching plans

•    Contributes to the development, implementation and evaluation of the program and the philosophy of the College.

•    Evaluates and provides documented feedback to online students on level of performance based on course outcomes.

•    Serves as a positive professional role model for online students, assisting in their professional/social development.

•    Provides opportunities for online students and graduate evaluation of curriculum and teaching and program effectiveness.

•    Contributes to the development and evaluation of online student admission, progression, retention and graduation policies of the College.

•    Serves as role model for other online faculty and staff in the areas of customer service, collaboration, communication, excellence and general professionalism.
•    Demonstrates scholarship through advancement of teaching, research, and practice of nursing as outlined by accrediting bodies like ABHES and CCNE.

•    Gathers and analyzes data related to College and Program Evaluation Plans

•    Grade all online assignments, threaded discussions, and examinations in a timely manner.

•    Responsible Employee as it pertains to CLERY.

•    Perform other duties designated by the Vice Dean of Online Learning if a Full-time online faculty (for example, course revisions, course development, mentoring other faculty, etc).

Required Education and Experience


- Master’s degree in Nursing required to teach in the BSN Online Program and a PhD (preferred) or equivalent to teach in the MSN Online Program

- Must meet accrediting body qualifications. Credentials must be verified before the faculty member teaches a course.

- Unencumbered Professional nurse licensure required. May need to obtain additional professional nursing license in other states.

- Previous online teaching experience required utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS)

- Ability to utilize computer, technology and learning management systems associated with teaching in the online learning environment. Experience with Canvas preferred but not required.

- Strong interpersonal skills. An ability to relate to students of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Willingness to get to know every student and support student success. Willingness to work with co-workers of diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

- A passion for learning and continuing education. A command of theory and contemporary technical knowledge and continuing study of expertise in professional nursing practice. All full-time online nursing faculty are expected to acquire Certified Nurse Education certification within two years of employment and maintain certification throughout employment.

Eagle Gate College(Unitek Learning)

At Eagle Gate College we have a singular focus — to give our students the knowledge, training, and skills they need to create a rewarding career in the ever-expanding world of healthcare. We don’t offer dozens of degrees: we specialize in nursing and medical assisting. When developing our curriculum, we teamed with industry professionals to ensure our students graduate with the skills that have immediate value in the healthcare marketplace.