Layton, UT
Purpose of the Position: Instruct the students in their studies for Registered Nursing.

Faculty Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Participate as a member of the faculty teaching team in preparation and presentation of learning activities within the nursing curriculum.

  • Assist with strategic planning and assessment of instructional initiatives to ensure quality of program.

  • Utilize principles of teaching that recognize the characteristics of the adult learner; theory and clinical.

  • Makes continuous efforts to improve quality of instruction by reviewing and utilizing different and innovative methodologies / techniques in teaching both in theory and clinical.

  • Demonstrate or be willing to acquire skills for utilizing online activities as enhancers to course content/material during interactive teaching and learning.

  • Review and revise student learning material on a semester basis and more often as indicated by student input, changes in textbook, changes in community and facility standards and accrediting agency guidelines.

  • Maintains student records / files inclusive of but not limited to attendance, assignments and tests, skills check-off forms, tracking sheets.

  • Assist with program data collection.

  • Submit required program reports and forms to the Director of the program or Assistant Dean in a timely manner.

  • Keep current with new technologies and safety regulations

  • Participate in committee activities that support the mission and function of the nursing program.

  • Attend faculty meetings.

Clinical Site Duties: 

  • Plan (meeting with facility liaison and updating facility requirements) and supervises student clinical experience in assigned health care facilities.

  • Evaluates student performance in relation to clinical learning outcomes in accordance with policies and procedures established by Unitek Learning Utah, Department of Nursing.

  • Provide feedback of clinical performance or specific event immediately after observation.

  • Assists in maintaining student records of clinical attendance, skills check-off forms, and assist with program data collection.

  • Clarifies clinical expectations with students.

  • Responsible for making sure the clinical assignments meet both student and facility needs

  • Determines best method to observe, instruct, and evaluate students. 

  • Determines if clinical facility meet all health and safety requirements for Unitek Learning students to attend clinicals.

  • Determines if clinical facility is fully staffed to be able to utilize students.

Student Related Duties:

  • Provide access to students for ongoing communication through scheduling of office hours, electronic communication and other appropriate methods.

  • Keep current with new technologies and safety regulations

  • Participate in committee activities that support the mission and function of the nursing program.

  • Attend faculty meetings.

  • Participate in student advising, remediation and tutoring for NCLEX prep.

Education and Experience: 

  • A nurse faculty member shall hold a valid, active license as a registered nurse in the state of Utah or be able to obtain license prior to working.

  • A nurse faculty member is responsible for maintaining immunizations and current physical requirements.

  • A nurse faculty member shall hold a master's or higher degree from an accredited college or university that includes course work in nursing, education, or administration.

  • A nurse faculty member shall have at least two year's experience as a registered nurse.

  • No previous teaching experience is required; our 1 month long orientation will provide tools necessary to be successful in a classroom setting. 

Eagle Gate College(Unitek Learning)

At Eagle Gate College we have a singular focus — to give our students the knowledge, training, and skills they need to create a rewarding career in the ever-expanding world of healthcare. We don’t offer dozens of degrees: we specialize in nursing and medical assisting. When developing our curriculum, we teamed with industry professionals to ensure our students graduate with the skills that have immediate value in the healthcare marketplace. In our classrooms, labs, simulation work, and through clinical experience Eagle Gate students receive the kind of hands-on learning that prepares them for real-world healthcare jobs the day they graduate.