Forklift Driver in Cold Environment


The Warehouse Level I position is an entry level training position. The position's primary function is to maximize the selection and loading process products by ensuring accurate orders, meeting set target rates per hour, and ensuring product integrity and quality standards are maintained throughout the loading process.


*Safely operate a powered industrial truck (forklift) during work stream processes of order selecting and loading. Complete and maintain internal forklift certification process.

*Ability to utilize the Voice Activated Picking system. Accurately and efficiently load finished product onto delivery trucks while also maintaining accurate quality inspection forms.

*Prepare all required documentation to maintain the highest quality finished product for our customers

*Maintain performance expectations with respect to key performance metrics and identify opportunities to improve distribution center operations

*Communicate directly with co-workers on issues, openly share ideas with others, encourage performance in others, give feedback when needed, and train new employees when applicable. Effective communication to operations and sales teams to maintain product flow and prevent distribution disruptions.

*Conduct activities in a safe manner, follow corporate safety guidelines and requirements, use personal protective equipment and proactively address any unsafe conditions observed. Maintain housekeeping and safety compliance, inspection ready at all times


*Ability to effectively document product fills with accuracy.

*Maintain a safe operating record for powered industrial equipment.

*Ability to practice safe working habits at all times

*Initiative: Self-starter, gets involved quickly, takes on difficult tasks with enthusiasm. Takes action to achieve goals beyond what is required.

*Energy: Maintains high activity/productivity level. Operates with sense of urgency, efficiency, effectiveness and determination over extended periods of time.

*Stress Tolerance: Maintains stable and professional performance under pressure or opposition

*Detail: Strives to understand the details. Balances, analyzes and takes appropriate action. Solid planning, detail oriented and organization skills.

*Communication: Presents ideas effectively, actively listens, and works across functional boundaries with the ability to effectively communicate with co-workers and third party carriers.

*Teamwork: Can work in group or alone; oriented towards the good of the whole. Contain ability to build rapport and good working relationship with co-workers.

*Manage job professionally and with a high level of organization

*Ability to effectively deal with change and adversity in the work place, and work in a fast paced environment

*Demonstrate ability to deliver consistent results while building organization capabilities.

*Ability to respond to change with positive attitude, offer suggestions for improvements to increase effectiveness of change, and support new initiatives.


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