Room Attendant - PT

Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn Las Vegas, NV
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The Room Attendant is responsible for providing clean and properly stockedguest rooms.

Must be able to work first shift. Previous experience in the same orsimilar position is preferred.

For each position we require at least two positive verifiable references, astable work history verified by a background check, a positive attitude, awillingness to be a team player, and the ability to work weekends and holidays.

We will verify through E-Verify the identity and employment eligibility of allpersons hired.

Example of duties(Includes but is not limited to the following):

* Clean twelve (12) units daily, general clean one (1) guest room per dayas assigned by thee Floor Supervisor.

* Service all stay-over rooms, changing sheets/pillows slips daily andreplenishing towels/amenities

* as needed.

* Clean all check-out (vacant/dirty) rooms thoroughly, paying closeattention to details and changing sheets/pillow slips. Replenish towels andamenities.

* Check status of the room (occupied/vacant-clean/dirty, etc.), During AMroom check and update your GRA assignment paper. AM room check is to be done atthe start of the shift; PM room check is done (1) hour prior to the end of theshift and marked on the GRA assignment paper. Update Status of room via thetelephone when entering and completing the cleaning of assigned rooms.

* Maintain high standards of guest relations when in contact with theguest, and assist with extra towels, soap, shampoo, lotion, note pads, etc.,when requested.

* Hand over any item left in a check-out room to the Lost and FoundDepartment in bag with proper tag.

* Load your caddies per specifications at the end of shift ensuring allbottles of chemicals are properly labeled.

* Upon exciting all guest rooms, please check to see entrance door issecured properly.