Pool Bartender - PT

Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn Las Vegas, NV
Fully understands the drink menu and wine list. From the standpoint of ingredients and preparation of the cocktails and dishes, to the delivery and service expected to accompany the cocktail or dish.Delivers all required Service Accents to the guest (e.g., SSA presentation, bread presentation, wine service, horseradish/cheese grating, dessert presentation).Responsible for the complete service at the bar and lounge.Maintains a constant flow of soiled dishes to the kitchen and clean supplies to the dining room.Meticulously cleans and resets the bar and lounge during and after meal.Has the ability to use the POS efficiently and manage bar inventory.Must be proficient in multi tasking and managing designated stations.Must comply with opening and closing as well as running side work necessities.Direct and consistent communication with the culinary and management team.Processes guest's checks and submits closing paperwork in a timely manner.Listens to and resolves customer complaints regarding service, product and personnel.Must effectively delegate service responsibilities to the assisting staff. Eg. BussersPerform other duties as assigned.