Poker Dealer (BVG)

Caesars Entertainment Corporation Las Vegas, NV
must have 6 months dealing experience or be recent grad of dealing school

Job Summary:

Responsiblefor all aspects of dealing various Poker games, such as, "Holdem" and "7 CardStud" while providing friendly, excellent service to every guest.

EssentialJob Functions:

* Provides prompt, accurate, and courteous service to players.

* Deals and runs the game at hand in accordance with departmental procedures.

* Maintains the pace of the poker game.

* Responsible for the Table Tray Bank assigned for the shift.

* Handles financial transactions at the poker game.

* Collects the poker revenue ("the rate") from the pot in accordance with departmental raking procedures.

* Collects the Jack Pot money from the pots in accordance with departmental Jack Pot procedures.

* Monitors the game at hand for customer problems.

* Monitors the chips and money on the game as hand.

* Works on the poker room floor in other capacities as directed by the Poker Floor Supervisor.

* Enforces poker rules at the game.

must have 6 months dealing experience or recent grad of dealing school


Greetand welcome guests, establish rapport, and provide excellent customer service.Provide excellent service consistent with the property's core service standardsand brand attributes. Deal live poker games and poker tournaments. Maintain thespeed of the games by continually moving the action as necessary. Ensure thepoker rake is in accordance with casino and gaming regulations. Assist in allareas of the poker room and perform table fills. 6 months Dealing or Completion Certificate from Poker Dealingschool required for audition. Must be willing to work any day of the week andany shift. Must be able to get along with co-workers and work as a team. Mustpresent a well-groomed appearance.

Physical, Mental and EnvironmentalDemands:

Must be able sit and stand long periods of time. Must be able to maneuver towork inside and continuously maneuver in and around assigned table in the Pitdepartment during entire shift, with regular interval breaks. Must be able torespond calmly and handle many customer demands in a fast pace environment.Responds to visual and aural cues. Must be able to memorize game rules andprocedures. Must be able to quickly and accurately perform mathematicalcomputations when determining winners and losers and collecting and paying outbets. Must possess good manual dexterity for quick and accurate handling ofchips, cards and money. Must be able to accurately balance chip bank at thebeginning and end of shift. Must have excellent vision (including peripheral) toprotect the games. Must be able to read, verify and sign appropriate documentsrelating to the game in a small area. Must be able to tolerate areas containingsecond hand smoke, high noise levels, bright lights and dust.

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