Language One-on-One Tutor

Sanford Federal
 Las Vegas, NV

PWS for Multiple Language One-On-One Turtoring/Individual Tutoring

-Program provides one-on-one tutor support over a virtual network.

-Program must support selective scheduling with the ability to schedule Mon-Sun with hours ranging from 0600-2200 MST

-Program must support ability to schedule blocks of time from one to multiple hours.

-Program must provide instructors with native level linguistic capability and the ability to support training from an ILR of 0+ to 3 in reading, speaking and listening.

-Program will include a progressive training model supportive of DLPT standards.

-Program will provide an online environment to track progress and provide collaborative interaction between linguists and instructors.

-Program will provide progress reports and metrics to show language enhancement. Reports will be readily available to Command Language Program Managers and Linguists leadership.

-Program must support a bring your own device model and utilize common conferencing platforms at no additional cost to the linguist or organization.

-Program will include additional resources for the Linguist to conduct self-study.

-All self-study hours must be viewable by the CLPM or Linguists leadership.

-Provide support for Chinese Mandarin, Russian, French, Spanish, Korean, Modern Standard Arabic, German, Pashto, Persian-Farsi, Portuguese, Tagalog, Thai, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Indonesian.

-Instructors will be US Citizens

-Should include an option to purchase additional hours within the FY

-Provide 500 hours to be utilized within 12 months of contract