General Manager

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Job Summary

The General Manager (GM) is to provide strong leadership and management direction on behalf of Board of Directors and while the GM is an Associate of the Management Company, the GM will also report to the Association Board of Directors. Key responsibility is to oversee the entire operation and consistently adhere to and perpetuate the mission and vision of the Board and community. The General Manager position has oversight of all aspects related to the business and operations of the community. This would include but is not limited to client relationships with the boards of directors, committees and residents; client relationship with outside entities such as the City or County and its departments, Fire Authority, local Police Department, Water District, local utility companies. The purpose of this role is to create a single point of contact in the community, enhance communication and create effective oversight of staff and operations. General Manager has the sole duty of the day-to-day operations, legal compliance and overall oversight of the Association and staff.


The job duties listed are typical examples of the work performed by positions in this job classification. Not all duties assigned to every position are included, nor is it expected that all positions will be assigned every duty.

* Provide leadership and direction in the development of short-term and long-range plans. Develop recommendations for goals and action plans to achieve Board objectives.

* Oversees the annual budget process.

* Review organization structure, job descriptions, and functions. Make recommendations to the Board as to any potential changes.

* Partner with public, private and volunteer organization to provide community services when necessary.

* Support the activities of the various Board sub-committees.

* Knowledge of all Community Governing documents. Provide recommendations on revisions.

* Work closely with the Boards of Directors within the governance model to develop the initial goals and priority issues. Continue to do so on a yearly basis and as needed.

* Continual process of seamless connection between the Board of Directors and committees.

* Provide community leadership and guidance to ensure that the needs or desires of the homeowners are being addressed.

* Create, or cause to be created, and implement the annual working budget, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

* Monitor the monthly financial position of the Association and report current standing to the Board of Directors, monthly.

* Provide leadership to each meeting involving the Board of Directors in terms of agenda support and written and oral reports. Summarize the priorities of each meeting and complete, or cause to be completed, any/all directives within agreed upon timeframe.

* Recruit, hire, train and supervise all community staff in accordance with the documented management plan, if applicable. Provide oversight of all targeted programs/alliances as directed by the Board of Directors. As economically feasible, pre-determine outsourcing to accomplish tasks/programs.

* Work closely with local emergency organizations to maintain established emergency and community evacuation plans as appropriate.

* Plan, coordinate and lead annual goal-setting sessions with the Board of Directors and other key participants of community.

* As appropriate, confer with other departments, divisions and outside agencies, including community groups and organizations. Identify, develop and implement programs to meet community needs.

* Assess and monitor community needs: identify opportunities for improving service delivery methods and procedures and developing new programs. Implement programs or improvements.

* Cause high amount of on-site visibility throughout the common areas and facilities.

* Understanding of all agreements for corporate implementation.

* Review corporation policies on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with civil code, declaration and other requirements of governing institutions.

* Directly oversees Lifestyle/Fitness Coordinators to ensure maximum efficiency and results in operations.

* Monitors lifestyle operations through regular property walk around the facility, active involvement with management staff, and attendance at various functions.

* Ensures adequate programming is planned and implemented for all members of the association while meeting budgetary expectations.

* Ensure all expense control systems are in place with close monitoring of all department expenses including revenue to payroll ratio. Assist in the appropriate forecasting systems.

* Works with managers in ensuring that all records for attendance, incidents/accidents, member complaints, scheduling, pool chemicals, and equipment maintenance are properly maintained.

* Must have reliable transportation and be able to drive to other work locations.

* Other duties as assigned.

Requirements & Skills

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required.

* A minimum of seven years of successful high profile community management experience or equivalent professional experience in a related field, with at least 4 of those years responsible for a staff of no less than five individuals with a variety of expertise's, background, and job assignments

* Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or related field preferred

* Management experience in a small or medium-sized organization including responsibility for more than one functional department or division preferred

* Is committed to continual learning as evidenced by attendance at industry programs and industry and educational opportunities that enhance interpersonal skills

* Display strong written skills and publish appropriate documentation as directed to create the legacy for the corporation; particularly in the area of operations, and relationship management

* Directly interact with the staff of the Association and the designated Board of Directors within the governance model for the purpose of advisement and ultimate implementation of Board directives

* Possess budgetary knowledge and control for the purpose(s) of executing programs within the community as well as related activities that may be cost-shared for the benefit of the community

* Display a community posture that positively represents the vision of the Association and Organization

* Be well spoken so as to instill confidence in the homeowners that reside within the community as well as the public that may interact through designated programs

* Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Applications, especially Word and Excel

* Must be goal minded and possess a self-starting drive to get the job done, primarily through other people.

* Possess conflict resolution skills

* Executive decision-making capabilities

* Possess budgetary/finance administration and controls

* Strategic planning capabilities

* Business/management experience preferred

* Demonstrates good client interaction and visibility

* Demonstrates effective oral and written communication skills

* Comprehension and attainment of all areas of the following skills: financial, written, verbal, negotiations, thoroughness, procedural comprehension and compliance

* Organizational and time management abilities with the ability to implement and monitor progress for successful completion; working well under pressure and deadlines

* Excellent problem solver; demonstrates ability to use creative alternatives

* Works effectively with coworkers, clients, customers, and others by sharing ideas in a constructive and positive manner; addresses problems and issues constructively to find mutually acceptable and practical business solutions

* Strong ethical practices