Line Operator
Canada Bread
 Largo, MD
Canada Bread Company, Limited is a leading producer and distributor of packaged fresh bread and bakery products with brands such as Dempster’s®, Villaggio®, POM®, Bon Matin®, Ben’s®, Healthy Way® and McGavins®. Dempster’s is the national brand leader and a market leader in the health and well-being segment of bread products in Canada. The growth strategy is to focus on market leadership in all commercial bread categories. The company operates 17 bakeries and employs approximately 4,125 associates across Canada.  It seeks to create value by leading innovation in products and service delivery in the bakery industry, enhancing distribution services and processes, and continuing to grow premium white and whole grain breads, tortillas, bagels, rye, buns and rolls.

As an independent business unit of Grupo Bimbo, Canada Bread seeks to grow value-added bakery segments by focusing on health and well-being, and penetrating new bakery segments and channels of distribution. The business will continue to grow market leadership and margins by investing in the premium whole grain product category, and by delivering continued product innovation in other bakery and snack categories.



Canada Bread serves major grocery chains, retail outlets and foodservice operations across Canada. The company distributes branded products in the discount, mainstream and super-premium segments, and is the leading producer in most major bakery categories. It also produces private label products for grocery and food service outlet


 Operate lines, feed dough and load and push/pull racks and dough bins, load ingredients into mixer.

 Report to assigned supervisor/ Lead hand and be able to follow instructions.

 May be required to change shifts periodically as skills balance demand require.

 Three months’ probation period.

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Operate (start/stop, prepare line from breaks/lunch, knowledge of basic controls) any of these lines as required (CIMs, Annet, Universal, Nordale feeding, Rijkaart Tray loader, Pie Shell). Operate new lines as required.

 Feed dough to production lines.

 Follow Standard Operating Procedures for each line.

 Load/unload racks and push/pull racks to/from the freezer/cooler.

 Help load ingredients into mixer and pushing dough bins.

 Ensure quality of the products is within specifications.

 Promote a safe work environment.

 Ensure GMP’s and housekeeping is properly maintained within the work area.

 Help leadhands with line setup.

 All other duties as assigned.


 Must meet the physical demands required for the job.

 Ability to consistently demonstrate the skill and ability to efficiently operate operations lines.

 Ability to work with others.

 Good understanding of dough types and varieties.

 Must perform basic mathematical functions.

 Must possess good communication skills, both verbal and written.

 Must be prepared to work extra hours when required.

 Must have excellent work and attendance record.

Physical Demands:

 Ability to lift up to 11kg tray every 7-8 seconds. Lift ~3 trays (21-24 seconds interval above shoulder level) every 84 seconds.

 Ability to perform an assisted lift up to (10) 25-40kg ingredient bags every 10-12 minutes.

 Ability to push or pull up to 320kg rack for 25 feet every 3 minutes.

 Ability to push a dough bin up to 600kg for 15 feet every 11 minutes.

 Lifting up to 25 kg.

 May be required to work in a freezer environment