Medical Assistant
Universal Health Services
 Laredo, TX

Position Summary:

Responsible for assisting physicians with patient care, clerical, environmental and organizational tasks. Responsible for appointment and chart management. Provides information to patients so they may fully utilize and benefit from the clinical services. Convey a positive image of the clinic.

Job Requirements

Qualifications & Specifications:

  • Education – High School Diploma, some college preferred
  • Licensure & Certification – Successful completion of Medical Assistant/Nursing Assistant Program / CPR. Must be current with MA/NA certification.
  • Experience – Minimum of one year work experience in patient contact work, preferably service related.Experience or interest in health care.
  • Essential Skills – Knowledge of health care field. Knowledge of specific assisting tasks related to particular medical specialty. Knowledge of information that must be conveyed to patients and families. Skills in performing task appropriately.
  • Essential Physical Requirements – Must be able to use appropriate body mechanics techniques when making necessary patient transfers and helping patients with walking, dressing, etc. Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds of supplies.
  • Working conditions – Combination of medical office and exam/procedure room settings. Well-lighted, well ventilated, adequate space.